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Is the Houston heat choking truck?

I live in Houston tx and recently we have been having really hot weather like mostly around the high 90s and every time I drive my 2003 toyota tundra v8 when I step on the gas petal it makes a fan noise and the truck feels like it has no power this only happens when I have driven it more than 30 min and only happens when it’s hot out what might be the problem? The truck has 73000 miles on it


What is the maintenance history of this truck?

Can you explain the “fan noise” more completely for us?
Is the noise coming from under the hood, or is it possible that it is coming from the rear of the vehicle?
Does the speed of this phantom fan increase with the speed of the engine, or is the noise a steady one?

If it is not up to date with spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, and PCV valve, that is the place to start. Even if those maintenance items do not resolve the problem, at least diagnosis will be easier once maintenance has been taken care of.

The truck has always been serviced at the dealership and it is up to date with the mainanance and l the sound only happens when you accllelarate when it is hot out and it is coming from under the hood and the check engine light is not on so what might be the problem an example is like if I were on the freeway and I wanted to pass some one up I’ll push the gas to make the car speed up but when the truck is about to rev of makes a loud fan noise that sounds like a semi truck

Does the truck have a tachometer?
If so, do the revs increase when you hear this noise?

when i rev the engine to pass up some one or am at a stop light when i get to about 3000 rpm and up it starts making the noise.