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Fan coming on, whining sound

My 2003 T-Bird (52,000 miles, original owner and only driver) has a fan coming on occasionally (in front) while I am driving. No warning lights. It goes off when I shut off the engine but then I get a high pitched whining sound (in front) that shuts off after a few minutes. I took into the dealer and they checked out my radiator level (full) but found a pinhole leak in the radiator hose. “The engine is not overheating, not to worry, fan is electronic and is normal”. I don’t think its normal since this is the first time its doing this after 9 years. Could this be the same problem as Elaina is having: An evaporative emissions pump sticky valve or leak in this system?

I think a pin hole leak in the radiator hose is something to worry about. Get the hose replaced. Maybe what you are hearing is steam escaping through the pin hole.

+1 for Triedaq. A pinhole leak combined with high pressure and a rubber hose can make a sound loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

Get s second opinion.

The whining sound is not coming from the hose. Its coming from the passenger side below the hose, next to the engine, close to the front of the car.

I went to and someone had the exact same thing happen to their 2003 T-Bird. They told them it was the engine cooling fan motor that needs replacing. I will go to the dealer with this information.