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Is my 2005 Corolla S 1794cc or 1795cc?

To get the right oil filter, I need to know how many cc. I can’t find it anywhere on the car or in my paperwork or online.

Fram lists filter no. 4967 for either engine. Purolator lists different filter (14476 or 77). Or you can go to Toyota and they can sell you a filter based on VIN number. Valves/variable valve timing differ on these engines.

The 2005 Corolla S has an R in the VIN#. Not a Y. So you want an oil filter for a Corolla with an R in the VIN#


Bosch filter is no. 3311 for 1794cc and 3325 for 1795cc. Great deal on Bosch filter at the store right now, so I’m trying to figure out which one. I’ll look at the VIN. Thank you

This is from page 282 of the owners manual;

Displacement, cm3 (cu. in.):
1ZZ−FE engine 1794 (109.5)
2ZZ−GE engine 1796 (109.6

Your engine should be labeled 1ZZ-FE, the 2ZZ-GE is only used in the XRS model.

The emissions sticker pasted to the under side of the hood spells out the engine code but I feel sure by now the issue is settled.

The filter for the 2zzge engine will work fine on the 1zzfe, in fact it’s bigger and has better flow because the 2zzge revs up to 8400rpm and pumps more oil.
A lot of people (including me) use the bigger filter: more for the same price.

Usually the auto parts stores computer refer to the VIN #, or a digit in the VIN #.

You can find your VIN# if you get out of the car and look through the windshield at the dashboard near the steering wheel. If you ever get a ticket, notice that the police write this number down, it’s a law the number has to be right there for the police to read.

One of the VIN usually digits identifies the engine. I’ve never seen the CC displacement used for getting Toyota parts. Ask gthe parts guy if they have a FRAM printed manual you can look at, and look it up yourself maybe. That would at least confirm whether or not they are giving you the right filter.

You can easily confirm exactly which engine you have btw. Just pop the hood. The engine ID should be printed on a sticker on the underside of the hood. Along with the tune-up and maintenance specs. Look carefullyl, you should see a sticker with somethng like “1ZZ-FE” printed on this label.

One last check, make sure the new filter has the same dimensions as the old one.