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Is money wasted on a dash cam?

Recording a police officer in the line of duty is very much permitted by law. Again, a public official has no expectation of privacy when performing his duty. Has been upheld in various courts multiple times. That goes for all 50 States.

I always thought that you don’t have to introduce dash cam video as evidence in court, but if you do, then everything on that video becomes fair game for the other side.
That’s why a lot of defense lawyers won’t call their clients to the witness stand, if they do, then the other side can cross examine the client, with possibly not good results.

That is true for ANY evidence that is introduced in a court.

I have considered buying one for a while. I have been involved in 2 accidents both not my fault. One was a guy went on red when I had protected green turn arrow. My parents were in car behind me and were not deemed credible witness by the cops due to implied bias. Old man originally admitted he was at fault until son shows up before cops get there. Long story short it turned into he said he said. The fight with the insurance company happened and turned into 50-50 at fault. I got totally screwed in that case.

The other time was a hit and run. This turned out just fine for me. The 11 time felon that pulled in front of me while fleeing from a hit and run he just had. I chased him down. He had outstanding warrants, no license, and it wasn’t his car. It was alleged his girlfriend/ex girlfriends car. He offered me the flat screen (likely stolen) if I didn’t call the cops. Lucky the girlfriend had insurance, and after weeks of he insurance agent unable to contact her, her insurance paid my claim in full.

I have a really long commute and I see all kinds of crazy stuff on the road. I think much of it would be entertaining on youtube.

I would never buy one for a teenage driver. It would probably be best not to have video of the stupid stuff that they do behind the wheel.

I feel any disadvantages with dash cams pale in comparison to the upside. I put a dash cam in my car some months back to serve as an electronic witness. At least it’s always there in case of one those he said, she said incidents.

Yes, you can record a cop when he’s on the job. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

However, where the wiretapping laws do apply is when someone who is not you is driving your car and is unaware of the dashcam - for instance, when the mechanic takes it for a test drive.

It could be interesting to see what the dash cam records of the mechanic. :slight_smile:

Trips to the Sonic for lunch. You may even see whether the mechanic eats in the car if the camera is turned the right way.

I had that happen the last time i took my car into the regular shop. They did not soil the car. The only way I knew it was they left the receipt in the cup holder. I figured no harm, no foul and did not go back to let the office know. Someone had to test the car after mounting the tires and the Sonic is about a mile away. What would you do in the same circumstances?

Never been to a sonic, don’t even have one near by, spot burgers drive in YUMMMM, Big star maybe, portillos, sure, think there is still an arf and barf (dog and suds) nearby, Spot one of the 10 best in the nation some year

Would not want the mechanic doing this. :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten kind of partial to 5 Guys burgers when we travel. Don’t think I ever had a Sonic but maybe.

That brings back college memories. I was an RA, and the underage guys on my floor liked to run around with the Dog N Suds 40s of root beer. Looked just like beer bottles. They got me a few times with those things.

5 Guys burgers are too big, just like a lot of fast food options these days. You’re welcome to eat wherever you want and you obviously don’t eat there often by your picture, but it’s not easy to find fast food on the road that doesn’t pack the daily calorie bogey into one meal.

Sonic drive ins are all over the place where I live. Something that I found peculiar was that a strictly drive in restaurant such as Sonic found it necessary to have a handicap parking space. You don’t get out of your car at a Sonic so what difference does it make?
Well, it’s not a strictly in your car dining place, they have a walk up ordering station and a few picnic tables for pedestrians and bicyclists, but there is no indoor dining room.

It’s the law. Business that have parking spaces for their customers must have a certain number of reserved handicap spaces.

PS. I am not saying it makes sense, in this case.

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It makes just as much sense as braille instructions on a drive up ATM.

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Blind people actually do use the drive up ATMs all the time too, contrary to what many people think. It’s not uncommon at all for them to run errands in a taxi-cab, for instance. When they do, a drive up ATM is certainly more convenient for a blind person, given someone can drive them right up to the ATM, and they probably wouldn’t want to trust the cab driver with their card and pin number.