Is limited slip gear oil ok for '03 Tacoma manual transmission?

I’m about to change the gear oil in my '03 5-speed. The owners manual specifies 75W-90, API GL-4 or GL-5. My local store has Valvoline 75W-90 High Performance Gear Oil (GL-5). A banner on the label says ‘Limited Slip’, and online they say it’s good for, “All hypoid differentials (conventional and limited slip) and manual transmissions in passenger cars, light trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and heavy-duty trucks where an API-GL5 or MT-1 fluid is specified”.

Normally I wouldn’t pick one that specifies it’s for limited slip. Is this oil ok for my tranny?


I hate to say Yes because some manufacturers (like Honda for one) are VERY picky about the type of oil to use. Play it safe and buy the recommended fluid from Toyota as a low-risk, but a bit higher cost solution.

Toyota doesn’t make their oils/lubricants.

They’re supplied by ExxonMobil

So the correct gear lube at the parts store made by ExxonMobil will work.


That meets the spec. It’ll be exactly what the doctor (manufacturer) ordered.