Gearbox oil for Toyota Yaris? UK

I have purchased some manual transmission gearbox oil for my Toyota Yaris 2010 TR VVT-I, i cannot find the recommended fluid in the online manual I have but the oil I was recommended to buy is 75W-90 - is this compatible? I noticed on the dropbown that my model is not listed as being compatible

My advice is to carefully re-read your manual. SAE 5W-30 is likely to be the oil that the manufacturer specifies for the engine, not for the transmission. The website for O’Reilly Auto Parts states that 75W-90 is what should be used in your Yaris’s manual transmission.

Shoot, that was me just being absent minded! I know that’s engine oil, I only have an online manual and I cannot find recommended transmission fluid, however after buying the one that was recommended by a friend I noted that my model is listed as not being compatible

Hi @Charlottefell1990_183029:

The Toyota factory owner’s manual for your car is at:

See page 339 for the manual transmission oil specifications.


Instead of a friend who might not be a mechanic try the dealer or a parts store . Asking both will let you know you bought the proper stuff.

Here in the USA the spec I’m seeing isn’t very helpful, says “C50 manual transmission lubricant.”

However this link might be more helpful

My car is an early 90’s Corolla, manual trans uses API GL-4 or GL-5, SAE 75W-90

Don’t take a guess at this. Get the right stuff. GM uses Dexron II or Dexron III ATF for their manual transmissions. Some earlier Nissans that recommended GL4, had problems with GL5 (even though GL5 was supposed to be compatible with GL4.

How does that relate to a 2010 Toyota Yaris? Answer - it doesn’t .


So did my 1975 Corolla SR5 Sport Coupe and my dads 1969 Olds 442, but I really doubt that has any relevance to a 2010.

If it’s not listed in your owner’s manual (which would be surprising), the safest thing to do is to see what your dealer sells for your car. For all you know, their price could be competitive.


Your are of course correct that OP should use exactly what the manufacturer specs. But it seems pretty likely they’d be the same. I don’t recall many manual transmission designs within the same brand of econoboxes undergoing revolutionary design changes. Were I in the OP’s situation and somebody recommended something different, I’d definitely want to double check that advice with a dealership.