Is it worth upgrading my 2003 V6 Toyota Tacoma (60k miles)

Hi, I have an '03 V6 automatic tranny Toyota Tacoma that’s in great shape and only 60k miles. I’ve already gone synthetic (Amsoil) and have done the K&N air filter.

I want to keep this truck longterm and reliability is important for me but a little more performance would be great. I baby it but do use it with regular trips to Tahoe. Do you think it’s a good idea to do further upgrades to it… things like getting a Ram Air intake kit and exhaust? Any other upgrades that you guys would recommend that would not harm the longevity of the truck?

If you want LONG LIFE you don’t need Amsol or th K&N filter; just do regualr maintenance and treat the vehicle with respect.

If you want performance, buy a truck that has performance, or buy a prformance car with some cargo capability. I would not recommend trying to hotrod a 2003 truck.

Appreciate it… yeah I baby this truck and definitely treat it w/ respect… just exploring doing some basic upgrades, nothing extreme. Thanks for your input.

I’m not a big fan of post-manufacturer engineering, especially when the “improvement” focuses solely on a single system. How is the rest of your engine supposed to cope with more horsepower (if indeed that is what your improvement will deliver)?
Yes, I think adding an intake air kit will shorten the life of at least your engine. You have a very good truck. You should just follow the maintenance schedule and and not trick it out.

Keep it stock if your looking for longevity and simplicity. Toyota…its a Beautiful thing

Agreed. All these aftermarket products are downgrades, not upgrades. Pure snake oil.

30 years ago before CAD(Computer Aided Design) was the norm in designing engines there were some very good aftermarket upgrades you could do. But now…these so-called-upgrades are not that good. And in many cases can do harm instead of the intended purpose. About the ONLY upgrade for any new vehicle that I’d recommend is a Stereo. And NOT for all vehicles. Just the ones that come equipped with standard OEM stereo.

60k miles is NOTHING…This is a great vehicle. You have years and years to go. I have over 160k miles on my 05 4runner and my only “repair” was a leaky caliper…which I replaced.

Thanks guys, appreciate everyone’s input. I’m totally happy with the truck as is and longevity is key so guess I won’t be doing much to it.

The first upgrade I would do is to dump that K&N filter, if it is one of their oiled filters. I can remember back in the 50’s. Back then air intakes and mufflers were marginal at best. Eventually the manufactures figures it out and found that if they improved the car’s breathing, it would increase the usable power for almost free.

Since then lots of changes have been made in automotive engineering. Unless you do a great deal of modifications including new or reprogramed computers for the car, you won’t gain anything meaningful.

So the good news is everything that you would likely do, has already been done before leaving the factory.

The only sure way to significantly increase horsepower for most modern engines with either a turbocharger or a supercharger. It so happens that Toyota makes a factory supercharger for your Tacoma, but it’ll cost you quite a bit. Google ‘TRD supercharger’, go to the TRD site. Besides $$, you’ll decrease your mpgs and wear out your drive train somewhat sooner.

Yep, I agree. That K&N filter isn’t going to add any longevity. I don’t think Amsoil will add any longevity either. Everything you need to make this vehicle last as long as possible is listed in the maintenance schedule.

Make sure you don’t use too much oil when you re-oil the K&N air filter. And no add-ons will help you with reliability.

Keep in mind though that adding a turbo or super charger to a normal engine will require more than just bolting it up. Forged internals such as the bottom end, pistons, camshaft, then retuning the ECU, as well as making sure the transmission will be able to handle the extra power you’re sending to it.

You asked is it “worth” upgrading my truck? The simple answer is no. Aftermarket upgrades rarely add any value to the vehicle. Most in fact are not what the next buyer would want and decrease the value of the vehicle.

Your K&N filter really isn’t upgrading anything. Flowmaster exhaust systems might look and sound nice, but will not add any value. Whatever money you spend on your truck is for your pleasure only. Don’t expect any increased value as a return on y0ur investment.

The best way to keep your truck for a long time is to wash and wax it as needed, follow the maintenance schedule, and use the appropriate fluids when you replace and refill fluids.