Is it worth customizing my 2005 Toyota Matrix

I want to turn my car into my next art project. I was pricing out everything I want to do and it dawned on me I have a pretty high mileage car (nearly 70,000 miles). The car still runs beautifully and I keep up with regular maintenance (for the most part [>_<] ) Considering it’s age in ratio to it’s mileage, is it worth sinking time and money into this project or should I save this for the next one?

If the car has been maintained properly and driven sanely, it’s barely broken in. It should last you a long time.

It is always worth sinking money into a project that gives you immense personal satisfaction. Your car is still a youngster; it will last you for many, many years, always anxious to please you long after you have grown tired of it. (It will have to be around a long time. You are not likely to find many buyers for an arty car you no longer want.)

Steve made the point that I was going to mention, namely that the alterations that you are contemplating will make it difficult to sell this car when you are tired of it.

As long as it makes you happy, by all means you should do this “customization”–as long as you also bear in mind that there will be a downside afterward.

Financially NO…But spiritually YES. Hell…I modified my 73 Chevy Vega. Talk about a waste of money. But is was very satisfying. It was something I liked doing and was very happy with the project.

You answered your own question: this will be a “art project” It probably wont make sense money wise. What always got in the way of my projects was not having the right building,equipment,time. Finish what you start, IMHO

I too feel that the car (if maintained and not abused) has a great many miles left. I got 338,000 out of my Toyota pickup (before it got totalled).

And I agree that if it gives you personal satisfaction you should do it. Just don’t let the art run away with the budget.

To me that vehicle has low miles and should be able to go well into the six figures on the mileage. Seventy thousand is nothing.
I agree with others that going artsy on the paint, etc. could possibly affect any resale later but if going artsy is what you want to do then have at it.

One potential drawback is that if you spend a lot of time and money on paint, accessories, etc. it may be difficult to collect from an insurance company if someone plows into you with another vehicle. Their carrier may only want to pay off on the real value of a stock vehicle. You should fully document all time and money spent doing a conversion in case you’re involved in a wreck and it turns into a legal pushing and shoving match.