Is it time for a new vehicle?

lol … humorous story @Keith … I got thrown off a dealership lot myself one time. A difference of opinion about my dog. After being chased away I yelled at the salesman “I’ll never buy a car here”. He replied “Good, we don’t want your business” … lol …

So far we’ve both kept up our sides of the bargain.


Did your dog think the service manager was a fire hydrant . . . ?! :naughty:

Another oil change? So this was months ago you received this estimate. Does the estimate state what bushings are needed or what the problem is with the struts?

Something like that … lol … what happened, I was taking the dog for a walk along the public sidewalk in front of the dealership, and the dog started sniffing that narrow strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk. The dog had already done his fire hydrant routine earlier in the walk, so he was pretty much out of juice. But still wanted to investigate what the other dogs walking along the route had been up to. Apparently this was very, very troubling to one of the dealership salesman.

Oil was changed in June. Inspection showed engine air filter needed soon, tires slightly worn. Suspension and Drive components were all in the green. Oil changed again in September. This time report stated “Per multipoint inspection items in red condition include lower control arm bushings, front struts, and engine air filter. Yellow condition include transmission fluid, brake fluid, cabin air filter, accessory drive belts. All other items in green condition at this time.” I took the car back in October for the engine air filter. They inspected the car again (a different mechanic) and said it needed struts and bushings but it could wait a little while. This time I was told I would need rear struts also, thus the $3200.

I was told struts are leaking.

“Front struts leaking oil. Front lower control arms throwing grease.”

If I were you, I would take the car to an independent (non-chain, non-dealer) repair shop. See what they say you need.

I plan to do that. Today I took it to a different Subaru dealer for an oil change. I didn’t tell them anything. They didn’t give me the sheet with the inspection results. They said they have a new system but they don’t have the sheets yet. I asked to speak to the mechanic. I asked him if there is anything I might need in a few months. He said brakes soon. Belts are good. Tires are good. That is all. This is not my favorite Subaru service but it’s closer to where I live. There is no dealer in my town. A friend has recommended a place where she takes her Baja.