Is it the Fuel Pump?



Hi all,

I have a 1995 Ford Thunderbird, I know, I know, its a Ford. I would like to make it through one more winter before I purchase a new car and so of course the car starts acting up. What it is doing is starting fine in the morning, but then with each other start of the day it turns over and over until it finally connects and I have to hit the gas pedal quick and give it gas to keep it running. It runs fine once it gets running. It is electronic yet after the first initial start of the day as I said, I need to assit it to start. Does anyone know what is wrong with it and how much it should reasonable cost to get it fix? Thanks so much.


Couple things

When the car finally starts, does it blow a bunch of smoke out of the tailpipe?

How long do you have to crank it over before it eventually starts?

2 things come to mind. You might have a leaking fuel pressure regulator, this would ‘flood’ the engine of raw fuel while it sits. When it sits all night, it cools down and more fuel is needed to get the ‘cold’ engine started and to keep it running, in this case the extra raw fuel is a bonus.

When warm, that extra fuel is not needed, and can cause a ‘flood’ condition, this would cause a ‘hard start’ issue.

So try this: When its warm and you try to restart the car, press the gas pedal ALL THE WAY to the floor while cranking, this is called “clear flood mode” and the computer in your car will actually turn OFF the fuel injectors, not delivering any fuel. (make sure when the car starts, you ease up on the gas pedal) If the car starts as it should, the leaky fuel pressure regulator is prime suspect.

It would be about 1 hour diagnosis time to pay a mechainc to figure this out. It might be best/easiest for you to spend that money.

Answer my Q’s, try this test and repost.


A few days ago I posted my car, 95 Ford Thunderbird, cranked forever before starting and then only after I hit the gas pedal. You suggested to hold gas pedal down when starting and cranking and it started twice like that real easy. So, as I said I only want to keep the car a few more months, how much should that cost to repair? Also, since I will be using the car this weekend, is it dangerous to start that way, it smells a little like gas for awhile after starting? And, yes, smoke can out of the tailpipe when I started it by cranking forever. I am so excited it worked. Thanks.