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Is it possible to do a 3 point seatbelt

I want to make my car safer. I mean that relative to what it is now. I have a 1968 firebird and I love it a lot but I also like living somewhat. Right now all I have is lap belts. I know it’s probably silly but I’m not very old to say the least and my parents hate that it has basically no safety features. I really like the interior as it is and I don’t want to make the backseats just a show piece with no function and a big bar in the middle of the car. Would it be possible to strengthen some part of the car like below the back passengers window and put the third point there? Or is the only option for any actual upgrade in safety some sort of roll bar? Thanks for any help

After posting this I saw the seatbelts for a 1970 chevelle where the third point is on the roof. Could something like this work too?

You may be able to do it. But you’ll have to check if GM was putting in the hard points in the body for that year for a three point seat belt.

Because when manufacturers see a mandatory safety requirement in the future, they design their vehicles to meet that safety feature.

But don’t install the mandatory safety feature until it’s required. Because a lap belt is cheaper than a three point seat belt.


Is there a way I could make a hard point? Like weld a plate somewhere like the roof or such?


Thank you that’s kind of perfect

Another big safety improvement would be installing power disc brakes-do you already have them?

Half, discs in the front drums in the back. Although it’s kind of dangerous right now because my brakes are either 0 or a 100. The pedal has a very little area where you can use the brakes normally

Discs/drums are fine, but you need to get them working right. Have they been gone over lately by someone who knows brakes? They (and tires) are the most important safety system on your car.


Once I get an engine in it I’ll do that. I should’ve done way earlier, it would lock up if you just went a few millimeters to far. I’m not totally about the tires but it seems like they’re 17 years old because somewhere it said 03. They’re cracked and have some gashes in them. Definitely new tires.

Actually I think you can do it if you already have the two-belt three point harness. That is the one with a lap belt and a belt that came from a point on the ceiling just behind the drivers and passenger seats. A three point harness just bolts to the lap belt hard points on the floor and the loop for the strap bolts to the hard point on the ceiling.

I don’t think you can do a three point harness for the back seat passengers, but you might be able too use the the rear seat lap belt points and attach the shoulder loop to the package tray behind the seats. I don’t think you need to reinforce it because the pull is parallel to the package tray so it would not be easy to pull it out.

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For the '68 Camaro, front shoulder harnesses became standard on the sport coupe after being an option in '67. I’d assume the Firebird would be the same. The front shoulder harness mounting points should be there.

For the rear, it appears that rear shoulder harnesses were an option starting in 1968 for the Camaro. If Pontiac offered the same, then the rear mounting points should be there, too.

From the 1968 Camaro specs:

After doing a quick search, aftermarket 3-point rear belt kits are available for the '68 Camaro and Firebird. The factory mount for the rear shoulder harness is on the package tray.

68 Camaro & Firebird Rear Shoulder Belt Mount

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You might go looking around 1st gen Camaro and Firebird forums, I’m sure this has been discussed there.

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I believe you’re right, I think I’ve found the mounting holes with the help of one of the videos someone linked and a spec sheet. Hopefully it’s what I’m looking for

They’re hopefully on the way now. Probably a bit tacky but in fire red. I’m not sure I care too much about the back seat since no one ever wants to get in that car except me.

Just to add my two cents worth having driven cars without seat belts or modern safety features back in the day. One of my favorites is Tayrl Fixes All on youtube and he was giving a tour of his special tools in the shop that he uses, a lot of them home made. Then he pointed to his head and said the best tool is right up there in your brain. That’s also the best safety feature having never killed myself in VW or other with no belts or disc brakes or seat belts or air bags. Just sayin’ is all but add whatever you can.

“I’m not dead, so what I did must be OK” is not good logic…


Yeah I get that I just want to not die as well, like I said I’m pretty young with out tons of experience, I’ve driven “motorcycles” for a long time but still it’s a pretty ridiculous car to have. I don’t plan on crashing it and I am cautious driving but I just want that extra peace of mind. Once all the craziness in the world starts to end I’ll take some driving courses.

OTOH being dead can prove something else. Of course “dead men tell no tales” but have a marvelous day.