Is it possible to adjust the brake pedal on a 1997 Honda Accord?

Is it possible to adjust the brake pedal on a 1997 Honda Accord so that it takes less pressure to stop the car? If so, it is an adjustment that any good mechanic can make?

no,adjusting brakes which is only possible if you have rear drums will have no effect on pressure.

Well, no, but it should be pretty easy to stop the car with the normal brakes. I’d suggest you have someone make certain the power brake booster is getting good vacuum. At this age the vacuum hoses could be collapsed, and replacement might make things work a lot better.

Particularly If You Live In Road Salt / Rust Country, You Could Have Brake Calipers That Have Stopped Sliding. But It Can Happen Anywhere.

The calipers have to be free to move laterally in order to self-adjust and to allow braking pressure to be distributed to both inner and outer brake pads. Rust can seize them in one position.

When that happens, you no longer have a brake pad “clamping” action, but rather only an inner brake pad pressed against the inside of the brake rotor by the caliper piston.

This causes an increase in the pedal pressure needed to stop and also will cause the inner brake pads to fail (wear out) early.

You’ve seen bikes with cable operated “caliper” brakes that “squeeze” the wheel rim, right? This is similar to your car’s brakes. The caliper squeezes the brake rotor. Imagine how ineffective these would be if they just pressed one pad against the rim.

Some cars use stainless steel “covers” on the slides of the calipers / caliper carriers and some don’t. I like the ones with the SS.

I live in severe salt / rust territory and see this problem frequently, but I have experienced it with cars not driven in salt.

Get your calipers and rotors checked. I’ll bet something is seized.


Did Honda switch to rear disc brakes in 97???..because my wifes 96 had drum brakes. If drum brakes then the pedal can be adjusted.