Low brake pedal

my son had a relative put new rear brakes on his 1995 Honda civic LX – front brakes were fine. he stopped back home i took it for a ride and the pedal is way to low!!! what wasn’t done— was it bleeding the whole system ? or back brake adjustment? i jacked it up and hand spun the rear wheels they were spinning very free? are they suppose to be a little tight? the reservoir fluid is filled. the relative lives to far from me to get it back to him thanks for any help

Consider the rear brakes. Badly worn or out of adjustment rear drum brakes can mimic a bad master cylinder and/or cause a low pedal.

Assuming that you assembled everything correctly, the last step in installing new brake shoes is to back up and brake firmly several times to adjust the brake shoes. If you did not do that, or if the adjusters are not assembled properly, then the rear shoes are likely loose which will result in a low pedal.

Are rear brakes drum or disc? What happens when you pump the brake pedal, does it get higher?

rear drums could be the problem .i was thinking of that. i thought that maybe they needed to be brought up with adjustment???thanks ok4450

i didn’t do the job----- i will try backing up to see if that helps thanks for reply.

they are brake drum. i pumped my brains off— nothing changed. stayed the same. thanks for reply. i will be bring it to my mechanic this week.