Is it OK to erase a DTC freeze frame from a scanner?

I’ve been dealing with a DTC P07A3 (transmission code) for a few weeks. I had the code 3 times – freeze frame, pending, and permanent. I got the transmission issue corrected, and the pending and permanent codes went away from my scanner, as well as the check engine light from my dashboard. What’s left on my scanner is the freeze frame of P07A3. Should I erase this myself from the scanner or will that eventually go away on its own? Thanks.

It might go away. But if the CEL light is not on, it might be a good idea not to erase it. If a problem arises in the near future, the information may be useful.


Freeze frame isn’t a code in itself. It is a snapshot/screenshot of your vehicles computer systems taken when the trouble code was set. Leaving it there will do no harm.

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Thanks a bunch. But can you pass emissions if all you have on the scanner is a yellow freeze frame as long as the check engine light isn’t lit up?

The emissions testing folks’ priority seems to be to verify the check engine light goes out immediately after the engine starts, and that all of the OBD II readiness monitors are complete. If that all checks out you pass. And you might still pass even if some of the readiness monitors are not complete. I doubt they are even aware of any stored freeze frame data.


What George said. Emissions folks won’t look at freeze frame data, but if they hook up a computer to your vehicle, they will look at readiness monitors. If your dtc reader shows you freeze frame data, I bet it shows you readiness monitors as well. Find out what your state needs to pass (Usually it is all passing but one or two not ready is ok,) and see if your vehicles is ready to pass.
If your vehicle is dyno tested, that may not even matter. This all depends on what your state and local government require- and what your vehicle is.

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