Is it oil or ATF in my coolant

I’ve got a red, rusty looking material in my coolant, I had a leak about 2 years ago, and we had the radiator repaired rather then replaced. i’m not sure if its happening again, i haven’t notice any steam or water coming out with the exhaust, but its been running rough at idle and bogs down when going from idling or coasting.

could this be the same radiator problem or since it bogs or is rough does that point to an engine leak…

Running rough and bogging down is an indication of needing maintenance, not an oil leak. An oil leak is evident by failure to maintain proper oil level in the engine. Are you losing oil? Have you checked the dipstick? Also, oil in the coolant turns the coolant to a milky mess. If the coolant looks translucent, I doubt it is oil.

This truck sounds like it is behind in a lot of maintenance. A coolant flush and fill is clearly in order. Also, when were the spark plugs replaced? Air filter? Fuel filter? PCV valve? Timing belt, if equipped?

It slowly loses oil, not allot just every other month a half quart or so. I’m replacing the spark plugs tomorrow, the air filter is fine, i’m not sure about the fuel filter, pcv valve or timing belt, but at least thats a start. I’m working on a coolant flush but had a setback with a broke off bolt, tomorrow i’ll hopefully be doing a flush, a oil change, and a spark plug change.
thanks for the help!