Is it legal to paint my house number on the curb?

The address numbers are painted on the curb. White rectangular background with black numbers. Mine – like a lot of the others – has faded. Do you think it is legal for me to repaint it myself? Or does this job have to be done by someone authorized to do it?

The folks who come around to solicit business every few years imply that they are somehow authorized to do this, when, in fact, they are not. You can certainly do this just as “legally” as those other folks do.

You really need to talk to the local municipal government. I doubt you would get in much trouble if you just repainted them, though. What are they going to do; blast it off and redo it themselves?

If you use the same paint color and letter size then I don’t see a problem.

In our area, the Boy Scouts come around and do this as a fund-raiser. I don’t think any authorization is required from anybody…

Just paint them on. I don’t think they are going to care one way or another

If other houses in the neighborhood have their numbers on the curb already, then go for it. No one will likely notice one more.

If the original paint is reflective paint, then I’d strongly suggest you use that as well.

Check with your local authorities. I can’t tell you what is required unless it happens to be the same as mine. Check your local authorities.

As far as I’m concerned, the local ambulance company should come out and give you a prize. And the fire department, and the police, and anyone else that has to find your place. You get my “Good Citizen” award.

It’s always easier to ask forgiveness than permission, as the saying goes. What’s the worst that can happen? Someone will complain and you’ll have to remove the paint from the curb. Big fat hairy deal.

Today, “emergency vehicles” all have GPS locating systems installed. They know EXACTLY where your house is…

The only “authorities” you have to worry about might be the local homeowners association who, if they don’t like it, will make up some reason and ask that you remove the paint…

If HOA, do they prohibit?
Don’t bother.
In EMS, I find them useless. Often vehicles are parked blocking the numbers. Sometimes mud, dirt or debris obscures the curb numbers.
Best to keep HOUSE numbers easily visible with no bright lights blinding one from reading them.
Many emergency services have GPS.

I think Robert might be the expert in this area. I’ve seen it done wide-spread in some cities and not in others. Seems to be something more akin to the 50’s though. All I can add though is that regular paint isn’t going to last long. You need to use curb paint and its not cheap. I used to put a little mark with paint where my lot ends so I knew where to cut the grass but it’d be gone without a trace in a year.

We are in a HOA community. All houses have the curb number. Yearly, we get solicited by businesses to renew the number, usually for $10. You could opt for one with US flag or the Lakers logo for $20. I have not used them, but even our strict HOA does not seem to bother. I think if someone painted it purple and pink, then they will take notice.

On the same note, even in our HOA, most minor stuff get ignored, unless someone reports it. If no neighbors have any beef with you, then you should be fine.

Move to New England…From my observation…less then 10% of houses/businesses have numbers on them. There MIGHT be a number on the mailbox…but not on the house or curb or anywhere else. Same thing with street signs.

Paint away.
But be sure to have your house number clear and quickly easy to read in a location other than that, where people normaly look for house numbers such as beside or over the front door or on a major front corner like the garage near the entry.
– ‘‘where people normaly look for it’’ is important even though, like my house, you may have it welded into the railing on the porch in 12" high numerals. If it’s not where people normaly look for a house number, they’ll miss it completely.