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Is it legal to drive barefooted in Connecticut?

Same as title

It looks like it is:

It may be legal everywhere.

This is one of those “urban legends.”

I’ve never heard of a law, in any state, that says you can’t drive barefoot.

Why do you ask?

If it’s illegal, how would they enforce it?

“If it’s illegal, how would they enforce it?”

If they stop you for something else, they bust you for no shoes. And there are a few states that don’t allow bare feet. See the above links; I think the second is probably the original.

I thought the links said that the though it’s “not recommended” many places, the only time it’s actually illegal is if you’re riding a motorcycle in Alabama.

I heard about this once in Washington, where although there is no law against it, the State Patrol says you should still have shoes in the car because if they pull you over and need you to get out of the car, you’re getting out of the car regardless of what surface you might have pulled over onto.

Forget legality…car pedals seem to be designed to be safely operated by people wearing shoes. Flip flops should be a no no too IMO.

I cannot even imagine riding a motorcycle barefoot! And they need a law to force people to wear shoes!! Those Alabama bikers must have some rough bark on em to be able to do that.