Is it impractical to buy a 1997 Honda Civic DX Coupe with 127,000 miles in 2018 as only car for daily commute, etc. to drive at least 10k mi a year? Is really funky color bright green I like. Listing at $2,990

Check this out:

Being lowered is enough of a reason to walk away.

Honestly, the car is pretty but I would not be surprised one bit if it’s been repainted due to a collision at some point.

Stay away. Hardly anyone in the Honda crowd lowers the car properly. It’s not uncommon for them to cut loops off of the springs, bake the springs in the oven, and other stupid little home remedies in their quest to make a fake race car.

And that’s not a factory color, which means it may or may not be decent quality paint, which means it may or may not peel off 6 months after you buy it, and that’s not getting into the others’ comments that a repaint often happens to hide crash damage.

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In my neck of the woods . . . where the sun and heat are brutal . . . a repaint is often because the original paint was literally burnt up

But I agree with the majority . . . walk away from this one. There’s plenty of used cars in better shape and for a more realistic price

I’d personally be more interested in trying to score a smokin’ deal on that leftover 2016 Civic with the weird color. Not because I like the color, but because the car hasn’t sold, probably BECAUSE of the color. Therefore, the dealer might just accept a low offer. A bird in the hand . . .

And I’d be interested in buying, not leasing

Just out of curiosity . . . the unsold 2016 Civic appears to be in the shop. I see hoists and toolboxes in the background. Why is that? Was this picture taken during the pre-delivery inspection, which apparently happened quite awhile ago? Seems to me an unsold new car should be in the showroom floor, or in the back lot, with the rest of the unsold new cars . . .

Hi. They said the vehicle was in their warehouse. They had to go get it while I was on the long drive over and then they were charging the battery. Another dealer further away is offering a slightly better price and it is quite a bit under book value, but I’m still not sure I can part with $21,000 once you factor in taxes and fees. Then the higher cost of insurance and the frequent car washing etc that a car like this should have. But it drives so sweet and the solid arc tail light stretching across the entire back is the coolest ever. I’ve seen some great mods of the car too if you throw another $800 or more into it. There’s 3 2017s left too at another dealer, but those might be like 300 to 400 miles away from me.

On what model year Civic?

Same trim level?

maybe even the same color ? :slight_smile:

I figured YOU would be a fan of that color, considering your choice of avatar :smirk_cat:

that avatar is a minute association with a book I read when needed to get one

the car under question has a great advantage in its unique color: it’s gonna be only one on the stadium parking lot, guaranteed :slight_smile:

One of my neighbors actually had that EXACT same Civic. 2016 two-door, same rims, same green. But I agree the color is rare

Same year and trim. 2016 EX-T. They have lower trim for less, but I’m thinking not worth getting a loud color without the turbo engine especially to keep up resale value. Now I realized tonight that the old FIT I bought advertised as mint does actually have a problem. And it’s a problem other owners of the 2007 and 2008 model years have had after googling online. I didn’t know how to research a used car before I ran off and sunk money into it. Now I do. Just great

It leaks water into the area by the spare tire. Seems to only be that area and no wet carpet or seats. Thus, no odor and I guess no mold. I’m going to try to bring it to a mechanic tomorrow to see of this is fixable or if I just bought a lemon. :lemon::woman_shrugging:t2::anguished:. Only other thing though that’s annoying is some kind of play under the seat where I feel something move like when I stop and go at stop signs and sometimes on sharp curves. So far three places don’t know how to fix it or if it can be. And don’t know if I can look for a seat as a salvage part. Don’t know if just the track mechanism could be replaced and maybe that would work? But moot point maybe if I have a car that will take in water every time it rains.

Hmmm. I don’t recall picking an avatar.

And got rid of it already???!!!

I like the funky color myself. But then my wife drives this:

so bright colors don’t deter me. :wink:

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You bought a used Fit that did not prove to be what you thought it was. You are not the first to do that. You have two choices : 1. Spend what it takes to put this in the condition you can live with and drive it. 2. Do nothing and trade it in on something and except the fact that you will not get the money you paid back.

From your posts you are not the used vehicle type.

Yes, those are my options assuming the old car is totally fixable. I’m bringing it to a local mechanic later today. I called and he sounded fairly confident the leak should be fixable.

I do dream of the new car, but there’s also so many other things I can spend money on too if I don’t sink almost 2.5 to 3 times as much money into a new car as I am with this FIT. If the leak can be fixed for an ok price then I’m left with the annoying jiggle problem under the seat. Amazon shows a replacement seat for lowest possible price, but showing temporarily out of stock. But I’m guessing though that the fact that there is a part to buy means I can replace the faulty seat and solve that issue. No clue the labor cost though. Will entertain this fix of course only if the leak gets completely resolved.

If I could date and eventually get married I’d much rather be given the new Civic than a diamond ring. I’d rather something useful and fun. Lol. But I’m serious. What is the point of an expensive ring. I’d want the car.

Found the crack that’s letting water in. Apparently you can diagnose these issues by googling and watching a YouTube video, but I also had a mechanic hose the car and watch water pour in before we realized the answer was on YouTube. Then he advised a body shop would be best.

So a body shop is going to seal it with clear sealant tomorrow that I’m hoping is better than me getting flex seal and doing it myself. Plus he will pop up trim and see if crack continues further up. Says should run me $60 to $70. He’s also looking into my seat issue.

Hopefully I can then drive it at least a few months and then see how I feel about it.

The rear carpet is a little wet on one side from the leak and I’m leaving the windows open as long as I can today to air it out. Hope that’s sufficient. It’s not like sopping wet at this point, and it doesn’t smell, so I didn’t try a hair dryer.

All I know is I haven’t seen that car for several months now . . .

Weird. Who knows I guess. I think I’m gonna wind up keeping the red car, at least for a while. Never know. If I see the Civic price drop even lower, I’ll be tempted more. But the crack/leak is getting fixed tomorrow. If I keep long term I’ll add modem features like remote start, heated mirrors and a new radio head unit with Bluetooth etc. and then it will be more pleasurable. And hopefully make it sell quicker down the road.

Leak source: found thanks to YouTube

Why in the world would you do that. This site gets lots of people with after market remote starters. The heated mirrors will be expensive but the radio I will go along with and those things will not add any value to the vehicle at all.