Is it impractical to buy a 1997 Honda Civic DX Coupe with 127,000 miles in 2018 as only car for daily commute, etc. to drive at least 10k mi a year? Is really funky color bright green I like. Listing at $2,990

It says gas mileage is 35 highway and 29 city. Says it has lowered suspension. Says it has working AC, but doesn’t mention the heat. Looks amazing for its age in their pictures. Has manual windows. Locks too I guess. Says has aux. It would have a cigarette lighter slot and be able plug in modern things like Bluetooth adapters and usb? Would it be too risky due to needing more maintenance, finding old parts etc? I’m looking at maybe commuting up to 40 miles a day. Live in metro NY so we get rain, snow, and have beat up roads. Oddly I was thinking blowing major coin on a 2016 Civic coupe LX-P in pretty much the same green color that gets 31city and 41 hwy. It’s the bright green color I liked as being uncommon as I’m sick of the plethora of black, white, gray, silver, red and blue cars so I filtered my search to green only and couldn’t believe there was a really old Civic in the same color. And I think it’s really cute and different looking. Way less sporty looking, but I think it’s kinds cool looking. The newer Civic to me looks like a lot of modern cars as far as the physique. Only thing truly setting it apart to me was the odd color. It would have many modern luxuries of course down to touch screen, Bluetooth, climate control and remote start. But we’re talking in total $17k or $18k once factor taxes and fees? Is that still the wiser thing to do? I’m really hung up on having a unique color car. Don’t want just any used car as most look like every car out there. And the 2016 Civic I’m looking into is old inventory so is actually new with under 100 miles. I’m middle age already. Do I assume it’s time for me to have a modern car with some luxuries or keep my money in investments earning interest and saving up for a home (living with my mother still - don’t ask) or splurge for the modern car and then splurge more on some accessories like custom floor mats? I have a lease that is up in couple months. I have enough savings to buy a new car, but am kind of attracted to the looks of the old green car too. I haven’t been using things like satellite radio ever. The new car gives you 3 mos free then I’d have to pay. I’m pretty boring these days. Just have the news on in the car and my current civic doesn’t have an infotainment screen. Still has CD player which I’ve used. I never find time to get mp3 music except on my old full size PC, but I do have usb memory sticks. I have an iPhone too and an iPod I’ve never used that I guess both can hold mp3 to hook to a car. I’m guessing there’s adapters to do this even in a very old car. Only other problem is I jumped the gun couple weeks ago and bought a 2007 red Honda FIT with 31k miles and paid waaay too much having no clue what I was doing and now I hate it. Somehow didn’t realize the car smells and the seat has something that rocks a little under it. It’s very clean but smells and I fear it may have been smoked in. Could a Philips car air purifier really fix that? $147 on Amazon. So now I’ve already burned a few thou and need resell it. Honda dealership will only give me a drop over half what I just paid as a trade in. But it takes months to get a title mailed in NY and I can’t try resell it myself without title whereas a dealer could just take it off my hands now and I lose like $3000!!I I even had to pay for new plates on it and of course insurance. So this is my other problem. I liked the hatchback because you can throw a bike into it without removing front wheel, but the civic can fit with wheel off and I don’t know how much bike transport I’ll need as I kind of retired from group riding and even solo riding after a car hit me. Anyway, no clue if back seats fold down in the 1997 Civic to put bike in. I could find out. ![image|281x499](upload://lKIRGV6l


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The fact that it’s been lowered concerns me. If it were stock all around I might recommend it, but only if you can afford to pay cash and have it inspected by your mechanic before you buy it.

First of all, as “only car for commute”, it sounds like an invitation to stand on the side of the road and wait for tow and taxi from time to time, judging on the age and mileage, unless this car was meticulously maintained and already has some new parts in areas prone to failure (don’t ask me, this is an item to research).

Unless you are technically inclined, find a good trusted mechanic who would be able to make that determination.

Lowered suspension is a disadvantage really, at least for commuting, and for sure around NYC.

Car was re-painted, had to be very closely inspected for the signs it was in a severe or possible even multiple accidents, all can be hidden under layers and layers of Bondo, no to mention they might have covered/patched rusted-through areas. Use small magnet to test any suspicious areas. If paint is way too fresh, I would be even more suspicious, as it did not yet have a chance for rush to show itself through.

This lowered vehicle looks to be overpriced and if you can afford new with warranty why would you not do that. Also expecting to get what you paid for a used car in trade in value is unrealistic.

Also try to be a little less wordy in your posts.

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OK, the car you want, if it was a person, is old enough to drink alcohol. In car-years that 21 year old car is about 105 years old. Old, do you get that? Old.

Parts are still available, it can be mechanically repaired if needed for the most part - and it WILL need to be repaired - a LOT. 21 year old car, you know. It will also need repairs for the oddest of parts, like the ignition switch, they DO wear out. The turn signal switch, interior trim panels, pieces and bits, door locks, window regulators, windshield wiper motors and more. Way more. This is life with old cars and getting those repair or replacement parts will become a full time job for you.

And I haven’t even begun to comment on the actual car itself you’ve chosen. Not being harsh, being realistic.

Put this thought out of your mind, buy a newer car. If you MUST have this color green, repaint or wrap the car in this color.

Sorry it’s so long. Ok. I’ll pretend I never saw the old green car. Just wonder if still best try resell the FIT myself despite long wait for title. They have two 2016 new green cars in stock in my desired trim so should I try to wait til there’s only one left to buy some time in waiting for FIT title or would price be better to negotiate price when they have two to get rid of? It’s already listed as reduced so not sure there’s any way they’ll go down more or is there always a way to get the price down? If I buy the new Honda this week I can prolly get them to pay my last 2 months of lease payments, whopping $135 each. Think I could call DMV and get a rush on my FIT title?? Or do I accept losing thousands on a lesson learned and trade in the FIT and turn in my lease and insure only one car?

The Civic is 20 years old, and that alone makes it a poor gamble as a daily driver. How do you get to work if it is in the shop? Lowering the suspension indicates that it was probably driven hard, another reason to look elsewhere. If you have the money for a new car, look around and see if any interest you. You might also consider a late model used car that is 2 to 4 years old. The depreciation is factored into the sales price, and most depreciation occurs in the first 4 years.

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Got it. Leaning towards the Kermit the frog :frog: green 2016 Civic coupe, but not with the turbo engine, but that still has remote start, the LX-P trim. That might be the modern luxury I’m most psyched about. But if I lose $3000 trading in the FIT I’m spending almost $20,000 on a car after all is said and done. It feels a bit reckless. I looked at slightly used of the green ones and somehow they don’t cost less. Not sure why other than some are a higher trim. But I read it is risky to get the turbo engine because it may fail sooner and get build up. And I don’t really need it.

I would pass on the 97, too old. As @jtsanders and others have said the lowered body is a red flag that it was driven hard. People that make cosmetic changes to a car that do not make sense also do not maintain the car - like not changing the oil. While the engine is a very good engine, at this age it will need a new head gasket, very common for this to be needed. If caught early the engine will last many many miles - assuming it was taken care of before. Also check for rust underneath. If the car lived it’s life in NY the salt on the roads will have corroded the underside. No way to fix that.

I thought wrapping or painting a car a whole new color costs like $10,000 to $15,000 because they have to strip it apart to cover the existing paint visible on inside of doors as well? Then it wouldn’t save me any money to buy a used car, right? And I’m still currently stuck with the FIT mistake and no title yet. :tired_face:

Hondas in general are good reliable cars. However, this one might have had some rough use you don’t know about and also due its age, it will be more troublesome.

I would avoid it as a daily driver, but it would make a good hobby car or something for a student.

A proper paint job is more expensive than a wrap because you should paint everything visible. And every painted surface needs to be sanded to allow the new paint to adhere. And whatever color you choose is the on that stays on the car until another is applied.

A wrap won’t cover the door inners and can be trimmed around parts that would otherwise be removed for paint. The best part is when you sell the car, the wrap just peels off so you have a mainstream colored car you can sell rather than a color with limited appeal.

A wrap is about $5K depending on your location and more. It is all about what you want versus what is available to buy.

So the green Honda would be harder to sell say 8 to10 years from now than a humdrum color that everyone else has? You think most people don’t want a unique color? I feel like both men and women can appreciate this color. My niece in college says it’s “sick”. Just seems if I get another used car around $8000 and pay $5000 to paint it, I might as well get a loaded new Civic for $18k to $19k factoring in taxes and fees? I can only save on a used car if I leave it as is. Maybe because I don’t have my own home, never married, no kids, I feel like I have nothing in the world and so I’m expecting a fun colored car to at least put some pep into each day. Would I have to drive it at least 10 years for it not to be a reckless economic decision? I’ve never been one to take vehicles to a car wash. How often would I need to do that and what’s the typical cost?

After trying to wade through your posts it seems you have some kind of vehicle on lease with two payments left. If you really have never washed it you may nor have done other required maintenance . You may be looking at some penalty charges at turn in time.

Nope. It’s already passed inspection. They allow up to $500 of damage. I did vacuum it as best I could with home vacuum. :pensive:

If you like the electric green, buy it. Your market may be limited when you sell it, but you aren’t buying it to sell it. Also, when young folks say “sick”, that usually means they like it.

35% of new cars are white, so no, most people don’t want a unique color or they wouldn’t choose white over yellow or green or whatever. At 8-10 years old the buyer is far more interested in the condition and price than the color so if that’s your time frame of ownership, then go for it.

People do want colors not offered by the manufacturer and they do get custom paint jobs or wraps no matter what the price. There is an entire industry around the customization of cars.

Styles change, color choices vary over time. I and my school friends all seemed to drive green cars because they were all hand-me-down cars from our parents or grandparents. None of us liked green cars. But beggars can’t be choosers. Green seems to be coming back a bit lately… but not in my driveway.

If it were vibrant purple I’d still want it. Guess it’s more the bright pop hue than the actual color. The custom stuff I’d think is mostly on classic cars. If a lease special is really good though, I don’t see how I could fork over the money to buy unless it’s truly an unbelievable deal. I’d have to drive 90 miles to test drive the LX-P and you can’t really negotiate unless you go there in person I guess. So I should drive that far before I decide on leasing a FIT and keep the option open? The lease specials end Wednesday.

Special or not, leasing is dumb. Buying new and driving for a long time is best.

Add up all the costs of the lease. Don’t just consider the monthly payment as that will always be lower. The difference is that at the end of 3 years, with a lease you own nothing. With a purchase, even with a 5 year loan, you have financial equity in the car. If you lease it you are locked in for 3 years. With a purchase, you can sell the car and walk away at anytime, for any reason.

Nope, a rather large part of the business is on brand new cars. People like yourself who don’t want to drive the very same car everyone else has. Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, Chargers all have huge custom parts markets for them. The stripes on my Mustang avatar didn’t come from the factory. I had them done after I bought the car.