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Is is possible that my leaking gas tank leaks less in cooler weather?

I have a '96 Camry and the gas tank has been leaking. I tried fixing it with putty, which seemed to have worked until the weather became milder again and gasoline started dripping again. Does this mean I should be okay through the winter and reconsider my options only when spring comes around again?

I think it means that putty is not a proper repair, and you should have it fixed properly. It also means that if you don’t get it fixed properly, you should make sure your affairs are in order. Have you looked into a prepaid funeral? Do you have enough life insurance? Now might be a good time to increase your coverage.

I’m trying to say this nicely, but this question is ridiculous. You don’t mess around with a leaking gas tank. Fix it properly now.

I could not agree more with the 2 previous posts! A leaky gas tank is an invitation to disaster. I have replaced 2 gas tanks over the years, and getting rid of the smell alone was a relief!

If you can’t afford to fix it you should not be driving.

No, it means you need to replace your gas tank immediately. Aside from the raw gas you are leaking out into the air and water, you’re driving around a machine that generates both electrical sparks and flammable vapors and liquid. To me that seems, for lack of a better word, stupid.

It leaks more when warm because the vapor pressure rises with temperature.

Is tank metal or plastic? Where is leak? Side seam? Gotta be a few ok tanks in boneyard.

New tanks are very cheap these days, even with shipping. I think the tank for my Riviera was around $99. Of course it went from Ohio or someplace to Oregon, then on to someplace else before it finally made it back to Minnesota again. The parts guys at least tracked it all the way so knew where it was. Maybe a grease spot on the bar code or something, so allow a couple weeks for transit.