Is all this maintenance required?

I recently taken my car in for a routine oil change, tire rotation, and alignment and had a few recommended services. I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on them. The car is a 2005 Chevy Classic with about 65,000 miles on it. I have only had one minor repair done on the car (axel seal leak fix) and have had the transmission flushed with new fluid and filter about 10,000 miles ago. My intent is to keep this car going for as long as possible. So here are the recommendations:

1.) Fuel system tune up (EK-10T Ever-Wear Fuel System Cleaner) - $85

2.) Battery corrosion package - $13 (I bought a new battery in April 2008)

3.) Flush brake system - $80

4.) Brake inspection- $0 for the inspection itself; they said because of low fluid, the balance is about halfway between the max and min in the container

Your thoughts on all these recommendation is much appreciated. I really like my car and want to keep it going, but I do not want to pay for useless maintenance. I do hear or feel any unusual problems with the car either. Lastly, I do trust the place I go to and I think they do good work. But, I do get the sense that they “up-sell” a little bit, but not nearly as bad as certain chain stores (you all know what I am referring to).

Thank you!!!

Sorry, that sentence in the last paragraph is meant to say “I do NOT hear or feel any unusual problems with the car.”

Skip #1 unless you are experiencing performance problems or a drop in gas mileage

#2 it totally bogus.

#3 is very important to do approximately every 3 years, simply because your brake fluid is likely diluted with water by that time. If you want an explanation of how this happens and why it is bad, let us know.

#4 is potentially important. If your brake fluid level dropped, that indicates either a leak in the brake hydraulic system or wear on the brake pads. Either possibility bears looking into and repairing if necessary. Once again, let us know if you need an explanation of this situation.

The best thing that you can do if you want to prolong the life of the car is to take out the Owner’s Manual and refer to the GM Maintenance Schedule contained therein. That will tell you what needs to be done, and when.

#1 is not needed, especially if you have no engine performance problems or rough idle. You can put in a fuel system cleaner like Techron once a year and achieve about the same results if you have no known performance issues.
#2 is a good DIY to clean and put anti-corrosion spray or grease on terminals. Cost less than $5 and you will be able to do it for several years with the supplies you buy.
#3 is a good idea. I get my brake fluid changed out every 30K miles. I would certainly do it if it hasn’t been done since you have owned the car.
#4 not unusual as you wear down your brake pads over time. #3 tops off the master cylinder when the flush is done. I would be interested in amount of pad left front and rear (50%; 30%, or whatever), rather than discuss “low” fluid in master cylinder with you. I am assuming their inspection generally indicates no leakage in the system.

Referencing your #4 response - I had a more in-depth check done on the car in March of this year, and at that time her were the results in the document on brakes:

LF - 8% worn, LF rotor act. 1.015
RF - 8% worn, RF rotor act. 1.013
LR - 7% worn, LR rotor act. 3.886
RR - 8% worn, RR rotor act. 3.885

I honestly don’t know what the rotor act. results mean, I just know they didn’t recommend anything at the time.

Thank you. I do follow the maintenance schedule as best as I can (oil changes, transmission services, etc.), but with me not being a mechanic, I rely on this service shop to do some of those other inspections such as the brake and throttle system inspections.

I appreciate your help. I will go ahead and do #3 and #4, and hopefully the results of #4 will be some sort of normal wear-and-tear.

I honestly don’t know what the rotor act. results mean, I just know they didn’t recommend anything at the time.

It means you are good to go.

Fuel system tune up - bogus
Battery corrosion package - bogus
Flush brake system - yes , it’s a good idea to keep the system clean . Brake fluid does absoeb moisture and needs to be replaced .
Brake inspection - worth what they charge .

I agree with other posters’ opinion of the “maintenance” proposed by your shop. However, at this mileage I would definitely have the cooling system flushed, drained and new antifreeze (not DEX-COOL) installed and have all hoses and belts inpected and any weak ones replaced.

You seem to be focused on keeping the vehicle a long time it’s commendable that you are looking for all those things necessary to achieve reliable and long life.