Is a used cylinder head okay?

Is it okay to have a used cylinder head installed in my 2001 Volkswagen Jetta or would you recommend a new part. I don’t have a lot of money.

On an older car it makes a lot of sense especially with a limited budget.

Not a problem, BUT before you install it, have a shop check the head for a true surface.

Make certain it is not warped. When you pick it up at the recycle yard or wherever, have the seller put in writing you will be able to return it if the head is warped.

Some heads if too severely warped are not planeable.

I don’t know which of five possible engines your Jetta has,but look at for a cylinder head (or complete engine, I read your other post too) near you. Used parts are usually not a problem, but the timing belt should be changed regardless of which way you go. Of course the dealer will tell you the method that will make him the most money.

If you are in Wichita, I recommend Peniston Automotive on East Central, ask for Steve, Yost Automotive on East 2nd, ask for Russ, or reasonably good free advice from Fine Line Auto on South Broadway, ask for Chuck. Fine Line doesn’t work on VWs, but will probably know someone who does, cheap.

A used head should be fine. When I replaced the head on my 1970 Austin America, I also replaced the springs and valves. You might ask the shop that machines the head how much a full top end job would cost.