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Is a Grand Cherokee Diesel a bad bet?

I currently own a 2011 VW Touareg TDI. I really like the torque and the driving experience it delivers. But, i’m caught in the VW diesel problem and plan to sell it back to VW late this summer. I have pretty well decided to replace it with a 2019 Grand Cherokee Diesel but I’m now hearing of problems with their diesel in regard to low mileages engine failures. Can you provide any information as to the reliability of this 3 Liter engine? Thanks.

I thought the buy back program ended September , 2018 .
Why do you want a diesel anyway especially if you are concerned about engine failure. A Grand Cherokee is a really expensive vehicle to be worried about before you even buy it.

I want the diesel because I tow a boat in the mountains. I have towed this boat with other vehicles developing torque around 275 and it is a struggle. The V8 has the power but is a fuel hog.

The buy back program ends September 2019.

It’s an “Italian” Jeep, now that Fiat owns Jeep, so it’s an incredibly bad idea

Italian automobiles aren’t exactly known for high reliability

I don’t know about the specific model you’re wanting, but I didn’t have a great experience with FCA. We don’t have our Jeep any longer and I won’t be going back. Best of luck to you if you end up purchasing an FCA product.

This is a pretty rare option, I’d think, which makes getting good service an issue. VW had a long diesel history, not so with Jeep.

The VM diesel used in Ram 1500s and Grand Cherokees have had their growing pains, for sure, but they have allegedly ironed out the cam gear issue that caused early engine failure. VM has been making diesels in various sizes for many years.

I’m not a big fan of towing a lot of weight with a unibody vehicle. I’d much rather prefer a body-on-frame for towing heavy.