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Is $4500. too much for an upper engine rebuild?

I have a 04 rav4 Toyota with overheating damage needing an upper engine rebuild. The dealer quotes me $4500.00 to fix it which seems like a lot to me, more than it should cost. Does anyone have any thoughts?

First …don’t go to the dealer…Find a good independent.

Second…What EXACTLY are they doing??? Upper engine rebuild?? You mean replace the heads??? I think a complete rebuild $4500 is high.

the waterpump failed, pully broke off and the engine overheated. the head is warped they said and possibly a new radiator is needed, and i’m not sure what else. the extended warrentee people blame me, but the temperature gauge never showed overheating.

If that’s all they’re saying…then it’s WAY TOO high. Shop around…you can do a lot better then that.

" … the waterpump failed, pully broke off and the engine overheated. the head is warped they said and possibly a new radiator is needed, and i’m not sure what else. the extended warrentee people blame me, …"

How do you not notice that the pulley broke off?

Investigate having a used (salvage) engine installed. These overheated aluminum engines are never the same and are not worth rebuilding…

Have they tested the lower part. How do we know that is not damaged too, or you are going to know about that after this $$$ repair. I agree with the used engine idea, but shop around for a local independent shop. Also is this a Toyota extended warranty, if so I will fight their non payment.

Too high if this is cylinder head work only, and if the vehicle got hot enough to do all of this damage there should have been some indications even if the temp gauge was not working. Sluggish running, rattling, hot coolant smell, etc, etc.

If upper engine rebuild means piston rings also (which are often damaged by severe overheating), then this should fall under the heading of complete overhaul, IF you want it done correctly.

One can simply hone the cylinders, replace the rings and rod bearings (without machining the crankshaft) but it’s very debateable how long it would last depending on cylinder and crankshaft specs as measured with micrometers.

For $4500 you may be able to find a wrecked RAV4 with lower mileage engine and do a full replacement. This route requires using a independent.

$4500 Sounds About Right! … For The QE 2, Not A Toyota!

It is an independent warranty thru toyota. I was driving home and finished the drive with check engine light on, but temp. gauge reading fine. the next day i made my way to the dealer in short hops, stopping each time the temp. gauge rose toward hot, until it cooled down (a long short trip) the temp. gauge worked the next day. could it have been out of the coolant the day before, but in the next day?

They want to replace the head, radiator and waterpump. the cylinder walls they said were ok (tiny bit of scoring) and don’t need replacing.

Good Luck…Who is going to pay the $4500?? You can buy a decent car for that money…What is the “deductable” they are asking you to pay? That is usually the actual cost of the repair…

I am paying all the $4500 since they say it was my fault for the damage.

you need a second opion.the dealership is charging you 30% more than a indapendent is worth saving the money to call a local mechanic.goodluck dominic

$4,500. for merely replacing the head, the radiator and the water pump is outrageously high. Seek an estimate from an independent mechanic with a good reputation, and you will undoubtedly get a MUCH lower quote.

Personally, I would not trust what they’re telling you.
A “tiny bit” of scoring? Ha. A tiny bit is all it takes to have an oil-burner.

So how do they determine if compression and/or oil wiper rings are seized in the ring lands? They can’t.

if this engine got that hot it should be completely disassembled to check the ring and piston assemblies not to mention bearings. more than likely antifreeze got into the oil.that stuff is not good for bearing surfaces. i think i would replace this engine. hot engines scare me. unforseen damage could arise later on costing more $$$$$. $4500.00? $2500.00 is probably labor charges. what guarantee do they give that it will be fine later on down the road?