Is $22 for 5 quarts of Penzoil and a "free" Fram oil filter a good deal?

About every three months Costco offers an eight or ten dollar instate rebate on Chevron motor oil, comes out to $24 for a case of 12 quart bottles. I usually have at least a case in my closet. I wish they were in gallon bottles.

I would be just fine with a 22 price tag for what you got… I would Hardly say you got “taken” on the deal.

I fully agree. With a filter, it’s a fair price.

The price seems fair but if it’s not Castrol GTX…I don’t bite.

@“the same mountainbike” , where do you find oil for $2.50 a quart? Around here, the cheap stuff (no-name or store brand) is going for $3.50 and name-brand is fetching $4.50 a quart and up. Synthetic is starting at $5.99 a quart.

Thats what I was thinking… These days I dont use anything but Full Synth anyway…so if I can change my own oil for around 30-45 buck Im happy… LOL.

Sure there are Sales and special deals being offered all the time. If one of the deals is available at the time I need to change my oil…or if i see a good deal I buy ahead of time. But when its time to change your oil…dont wait a month for a silly sale to take place…if it needs changing…I change it. LOL


Unless it comes down to $15 or less it is not worth the time or trouble doing my own oil changes. The shop I use for that only charges about $27 and in 10 years haven’t screwed me, at least that I know of. :wink:

"I didn’t pay a great deal of attention, but I think it was about $2-1/2 a quart for the oil and $3-1/2 for the filter. About $16+/- total. "

You may recall the first sentence? I bought it at WalMart in the 5-qt bottle. And yes, I think it was about $11 to $12 for the bottle.

I stock four different oils in my garage and usually will buy a case at a time or at least 5 or 6 quarts. I always like to have more on hand so I can change when I want without having to buy it. I also still remember my dad forgetting to put the plug in before pouring the new oil in. So I like to have a little extra on hand just in case.

My Fram filter is about three-and-a-half bucks. It's the size of a peanut. It seems like every time I've bought a new vehicle I've had to buy a smaller filter wrench. I have quite the collection now.

Not a fluid engineer…but why can’t they do what Ford did 30+ years ago…ALL Ford engines (4-cylinder to Big block V8s) used the same filter (The Fram designation was PH-8A).

Perhaps they do. A friend’s 2002 Corolla that I maintain uses the same filter as my 2005 Scion. Different engines entirely, but both Toyota and both the same filter.

I’m sure that wherever possible, they use the same filter because the manufacturer has to install the first one and volume purchasing allows them to reduce costs.

30+ years ago, they were not using a shoe-horn and clearance grease to install the power plant into the engine bay :wink:

Back then, they could afford to standardize on the largest size they needed, across the board…

My local Rural King farm store is selling its RK house brand full synthetic oil in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 full synthetic oil for $2.69 a quart. The 0W-20 I bought says on the label it meets Toyota specifications. I bought it in case I need to top up the oil. At this price, 5 quarts of oil would cost $13.45. If I were changing my own oil, it would cost me less than $20 for the oil and a good filter. Non synthetic oil of the RK brand is $1.69 a quart. Therefore, 5 quarts would cost $8.45, so an oil and filter change would be less than $15. I bought a quart of the full synthetic 10W-30 for my lawnmowers. After 8 mowings using each mower for an hour, I haven’t had to add oil to either mower. It seems the extra dollar for the full synthetic over non-synthetic was a dollar well spent. If I were still changing my own oil in my vehicles, I would certainly give RK oil a try.
To keep myself lubricated, I bought Hamm’s beer at $9.95 for a case of 30. Of course, that price did not include a filter.

Hamm’s? Please Triedaq, you’ve earned the right to a far better beer than Hamm’s.

I’d be interested to know who makes the house brand Rural King oils.

Hamm’s makes it

Probably tastes like it too!

Nahh, I’m not a beer snob like many of my friends who can sit around discussing the qualities of the latest hand-crafted micro-brew to hit the streets. It’s just beer. It’s not like we’re talking about bourbon or gin.

Or motor oil.

@asemaster RK oil is refined by Warren Oil Company. It does have the API seal it on the bottle.
@“the same mountainbike” I think Warren Oil may also bottle Hamm’s beer.

As I said earlier, I have had good luck with the RK 10W-30 synthetic oil in my mowers and one mower that was using considerable amount of oil and putting out blue smoke has been using very little oil with the RK 10W-3O synthetic as opposed to the straight 30 weight heavy detergent I had been using. I would probably think a while about using RK 0W-20 in my Sienna if I were doing my own oil changes although the label says it meets
Toyota specifications.
As far as Hamm’s beer is concerned, for me it is a,luxury. Some years back when I was struggling financially, I bought Buckhorn beer and Billy beer. Billy beer was down to 99¢ a six pack in my area.
I did get reemed out once about being cheap by a woman in the grocery store. Before Mrs. Triedaq. and I were married, but were going together, I was buying groceries and picked up a bag of house brand dog food. The future Mrs. Triedaq said,“You buy house brand food for your dog?” “Why yes”, I replied. " He is just a cheap pup I got at the pound". The woman who overheard the conversation really gave me the dickens for mistreating an animal. The dog lived to be 15 on the house brand dog food. I have been so traumatized by that event that I now check to see that no little old ladies are around when I buy my RK oil or Hamm’s beer.

DUN dun dun dun DUN dun dun dun
From the land of sky blue waters (waters),
From the land of pines, lofty balsams,
Comes the beer refreshing,
Hamm’s, the beer refreshing.

DUN dun dun dun DUN dun dun dun
Brewed where nature works her wonders,
Aged for many moons, gently mellowed,
Hamm’s the beer refreshing,
Hamm’s the beer refreshing.

Made in St. Paul. You weren’t a Minnesotan if you didn’t drink Hamms. There’s even a Hamms club now. I don’t drink beer myself though.

@Bing–I thought Grain Belt was the official Minnesota beer. We would take trips from Indiana to Minnesota every summer and I would see the Grain Belt beer signs. I thought that the Grain Belt beer was great. Many years later, I had a colleague who was settling up her parents’ estate in Minnesota. I would have her bring me back a case of Grain Belt when she made these trips.
I know Hamm’s beer is also popular in Minnesota. Is there a popular motor oil in Minnesota?

Yeah I guess Grain Belt was pretty popular and was what I was drinking when I gave up beer but I think Hamms was more ingrained in all the ball games in the 50’s for sure. I can’t remember anymore when Hamms went belly up so they might have been on the way down when GB was coming up. Some people said Hamms tasted like soap though. I don’t know about oil except Pennz was very popular until people found out about it and switched.

Can we get back to cars?