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Is 140,000 miles high for a Volvo?

I’m very interested in a 2012-2013 Volvo S60 T5 AWD or a 2010-2013 Volvo XC60. I’m very used to Honda’s and Toyota’s, where 140,000 miles isn’t awfully high, but am not very familiar with Volvo’s. The car looks amazing, but is 140,000 miles high for a Volvo? Am I asking for a death wish by purchasing a car with this many miles?

Are you going to ask the same question until you get down to 50,000 miles? Volvo’s are notorious for needing lots of (very expensive) maintenance. I wouldn’t want one that’s past the factory warranty.

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Do you have any suitable AWD cars/SUV’s that would be better?

I can’t think of any AWD vehicle with that mileage that I’d consider reliable.

Boy oh boy, never have you ever heard of a Honda then. I suppose I had answered my own question then.

Hondas aren’t bulletproof. Even Honda/Toyota, at 150k+ will start having problems.


I’ve never found any need for an AWD vehicle, and I buy a new car every 3 years.


Nothing lasts forever and even Honda/Toyota/Name your favorite here haven’t yet discovered the element Infinitium, which lasts forever.
And even if they had, no matter how well designed or built there’s always someone who will figure out how to break or abuse it. But put a polish on it and you won’t even pause to think about how worn and ready to leak that Comfort/Climate system is and how much it will cost to repair.

So yes, 10 years and 140,000 miles is a lot of time for corrosion and wear on any car.
Add AWD and you add complexity (more to break) and more to maintain so additional cost.
Add a Luxury nameplate and you increase the repair cost, because they can.
And add lower production numbers and the repair cost increases even more.

No you’re not asking for a death wish, you’re just throwing your wallet into a Black Hole.

So if you love the car, have alternative reliable transportation and can afford the expected repairs, what the hell …go for it.

I suppose… as is true with most things… its all about perspective. Is 140K high miles? Well yes 140K is more miles than the circumference of the earth, so yea…that’s quite a few miles. You would surely agree if you had to walk that distance…same as you would agree if you had to drive that distance non stop. Is it a lot of miles for you? Yes, it is…

Is it a lot of miles for a Volvo? No not really…because it already completed those miles, so its able to go that far and or accomplish the goal of 140K. Same is true for a Honda or a Toyota or any quality vehicle really.

The question of if it was “a lot of miles for xx brand” really lies in how well it was built to begin with plus the upkeep it took to go that far divided by how many more miles the vehicle is able to cover times the square root of the amount of money you are willing to continue to spend on maintenance the remainder of the vehicles life. When do you stop spending and when is the vehicles life over?

If you do your own maintenance, then it may not bother you much to proceed and see just how far a Volvo can go (very far is the answer if you were curious), but if you rely on others to do all of your maintenance it may bother you greatly to proceed. Two different perspectives from two different groups of people.

SO…Ah screw it, I don’t even know what I am talking about anymore as I’ve lost my train of thought…but I think I got my point across before that happened, sorry… lol

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I figure any used Volvo was traded in for a reason. That reason being a lingering problem the prior owner didn’t want to pay a lot of money to fix.

Admittedly that could be true for a lot of non-Volvo cars.

I had a relative with a used Volvo once. It had to go to the shop a lot, and it seemed like every trip to the mechanic was at least $500.

I’ve got that many miles on my Pontiac, no problem, but when I trade I don’t expect to get much more than a couple thousand for it if that. This is not a deal I’d be interested but then I think the price should be in the range of $3-5000. The price a student would pay for general transportation.