Irratic jumping

Our 2002 V70nVolvo Cross Country wagon jumps suddenly from time to time, there is no pattern. We have been told by the dealer that there is no problem. Recently the car stopped completely in a tunnel where the traffic was wall to wall and we had to go uphill. A message came on saying the transmission oil overheated. We turned off the engine, waited an hour and the car was fine. We think there is a transmission problem but all the mechanics say there is none. We are afraid to take a long trip. What could the problem be and why do mechanics say the car is fine? Test dcrivig doesn’t work because the car doesn’t jump with regularity.

What exactly do you mean by “jumps?” And what about “stopped completely?” You were inching along uphill in slow traffic, and the car just stopped moving even though the engine was still running?

The car felt as if the transmission was slipping. It suddenly lunges forward from time to time. We were stuck in wall to wall traffic, stop and atart traffic, going uphill in a tunnel. The car began to smoke, it stopped for a moment, a light came on telling us our transmission oil was overheated. We managed to start the car and drive out of the tunnel to a parking space We left the engine off for an hour and then the car was fine. I just read that transmission problems are common in this car although the dealers keep telling us there is no problem.

Well, of course there’s a problem. The dealer just doesn’t want to “deal” with it. You’ve probably done a Google search and read a lot of other complaints about this transmission.

I don’t have experience with this problem, though, but someone else around here probably does. I hope someone has a suggestion for you. You may have to go over the dealer’s head and call your regional Volvo management to complain. They may be able to do something for you, and they may be less likely to stonewall as they must be aware of other complaints like yours.

Thanks so much. I did a google search and learned that this is a common problem with Volvo’s between 2001 - 2004 and that the dealers have stonewalled everyone. There is discussion of a class action suit against Volvo. Unfortunately we are in Mexico. We left the car here last year rather than drive back and deal with border violence and now it’s not possible to drive the car back because of the transmission problem. We may need to simply abandon the car here.

Wow, that’s a shame. Rather than abandon the car, is there any way you can have a new transmission installed by a dealer down there? I don’t know what infrastructure Volvo has there, if any.

Thanks fo much for your encouragement. There is a Volvo dealer in a nearby town. WE plan to see him soon.

Good luck. I don’t know what the best course of action is. It would be a shame to have to abandon the car. On the other hand, if you do get a new transmission and drive the car back to the States, you have no recourse from the dealer in Mexico in case you have any problems with the new transmission.

I guess just talk to the local dealer and see what he says.

We are trying to find a mechanic who can help. The car is behaving normally at the moment but it’s a matter of time before the transmission fails. If all else fails we can have the car towed to the border. It is out obligation, as foreign nationals, to get the car out of the country when our FM3 visas run out. We renew them annually so we are okay for now.
Thanks again for your concern and advice.