Invalid state error

Every so often, a message appears on my radio that says “invalid_state_error” The car seems to be working well. I can’t seem to find any useful information so i am turning to the experts, which admittedly I should have done first. Any help is appreciated.

What year Elantra?

Why wouldn’t you ask the dealer’s service department this question? They are the real experts on this car.


Is the car under warranty?

I think this is the 2014 in his other threads .

It might have something to do with navigation maps.

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In general terms, “invalid state” refers to a communication failure, i.e., something can’t communicate with something else. My wild guess is a bad body control module but a guess is all it is. Beyond that, I have no clue. Agree a dealer’s shop is your best bet.

I’ve never seen that error message on a car display. When I see it on a computer display it usually means some sort of hardware error has occurred. Something that the software can’t recover from. Usually it means a replacement circuit board is needed.

If interested in more detail, computer electronics designers often use “state machines” as the basic building blocks of the circuitry. Sort of like how 2 x 4’s are used to build a house. A “state” is a combination of bits; e.g. 01000100111 might represent a state. State machines are only supposed to have a certain set of valid states; when a state machine exhibits a state not in that list it doesn’t know what to do, and displays that error message.