Introducing Ask Someone Who Owns One


Has stopped providing a link to Car Talk? I looked around and couldn’t find something called Ask Someone Who Owns One, or anything resembling a link to this site. There is a resources page that would be an ideal place to link to partners, but we don’t show up.


Hello. Thank you for the tip. We have since identified a small problem when we attempted to make the posts only visible to the moderators. We thus had to make them visible to all — so when you look at the pull down where you can view different sections, today and in the future those posts will now be visible again.


@Senior_Web_Lackey Why are so many of the posts from carcomplaints web site poorly written and vague ?
Seriously , if Car Talk forum needs support money I would rather put up with ads from real merchants that sell Automotive parts and equipment.


I can scarcely speak for Doug. But I surmise that ads only go so far when a lot of the benefit of ads comes from an increased number of eyeballs seeing them. So by creating the partner relationship (and to steer more traffic here), the rising tide should raise all boats, as it were.

The questions aren’t perfect, especially since people don’t necessarily see where the question will land from the originating site. I do notice more of them appear to be from other countries, and people’s handle on English isn’t great. Over the first couple of months we’re looking at how they come in, and how much people come back.

Please, be civil to the posters, and if the question is so spare that you can’t make heads or tails of it (and you judge it’s not worth asking the person for any other information), you’re also quite entitled not to say anything at all to them.


I notice the posts site do not match up to posts on the new tab


Hi. Do you mean that the Ask Someone posts don’t show up on the main page?


Just saying they are like 2 different places, and yes the ask someone posts do not show up, but the top post in the car talk site does not show up in the new posts.


I see the 1979 MB post, but it’s not the first thread on the discussion list.