Fed up with Chevy electrical problems!

2017 silverado 23,000 miles. The dash lights go out no back up camera. You can’t tell how fast your going. Have an appointment to check on update on computer system. one month out of warranty $115 1st hour. Having trouble with
our 2016 malibu with 23,000 going in with electrical problems. NO MORE CHEVYS

Did you just come here to tell us that or did you have a question?


Who knows. Sometimes people need to get things off their chests, and he thought he might find someone else who feels similarly.

The OP didn’t come “here” at all, this was transferred from car complaints dot com.

That is why I asked the question. Many posters want answers but don’t seem to understand how to ask a question or use the question mark as punctuation.


@Mustangman We’re not here to teach people how to ask a question in writing or how to punctuate, and by my reading the poster had a comment, instead, and his feelings were very clear. Nowhere does it say a discussion has to start here with a post phrased in the form of a question.

So if the poster had a question but didn’t have the capability to form it as a question, we’d just ignore them? I don’t see why it is an issue to even ask.


This particular discussion is not an example of one of those car complaints posts that comes in as a declaration of a problem where it seems to be implied that the poster can’t solve the issue, and as a reader it may be unclear whether it’s “do they want help?” vs. “did they think they were posting to car complaints?” and if somebody needs to clarify, they ask. This post reads to me like he’s just fed up with his Chevrolets. I was puzzled why he was asked only if he has a question.

It was clear to me he’d had enough of Chevys but he still owned 2. He also told us he’s got an appointment with the dealer that was going to cost him money because it was one month out of warranty.

We’ve had many, many posters that, at that point, ask, is there a recall, is there a class action, what can I do to get the dealer to fix this, has anyone else had the problem. Seems appropriate, given that, to ask if he’s looking for advice.

Oh, ok. Maybe the critique of posters’ grammar and writing skills threw me off. Thanks. Edit: thank you for the clarification.

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