Intrchangable parts

i’m the one who drives the 2000 bravada.what other truck(s.u.v.)could i get parts from?(rotors,master cylinder,plus others)

Some of us in this forum have found the site useful for your need. If you lookup a part for your car, you can also get a listing of which other cars/years that part fits.

Chevy Blazer? What other GM vehicle closely resembles your Oldsmobile? Chances are, the only thing “Bravada” about it is the trim package.

Normally you don’t really need to know. Are you looking for a parts car or going to the junk yard or something?

Anyway, I believe that the Bravada is the same as the Chevy Trailblazer & GMC Envoy.

There are other General Motors small pickups or SUVs that would also share some of the the same parts (e.g. Sonoma/S10)

Also GMC S-15 Jimmy, Chevy S-10 Blazer

In addition to it’s badgemate the Blazer, you should be able to get many parts off the S-trucks (Chev S10, GMC S15, Isuzu Hombre). also has a feature simliar to what Joe was describing where once you’ve found a part for your vehicle, you can check all the vehicles that part fits.

Why would you do this? Used “regular maintenance” parts and affordable repair parts are just are not worth the risk…especially brake parts!

Any boneyard will have cross reference manuals. I’m sure there’s one on the internet. But do not make assumptions. Even though some different model may appear to be the same, it may have been designed for a different purpose or not have an update that yours incorporates into its operating perameters. As a matter of fact, changes and upgrades are so often done now that if you were to go to a dealer they’d want your VIN number. At a parts store you’ll probably see various replacement parts for even your year and model, each one specific to a certain version.

A replacement motor or rear truck axle from a similar vehicle may be worth the risk. But IMHO definitely not brake parts.