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Intersection Etiquette

When I cross the street at the corner, lets say a four-way stop sign, the driver of the intersecting vehicle will wave me across thinking that it’s good etiquette. But I then often have to proceed to have a hand-waving battle because I don’t want to, and I don’t understand who would, walk in front of a vehicle poised to move forward.

Am I missing something? If not how can we change it so that the standard procedure is that if a person is standing there, waiting, that the driver not attempt to position them in front of the car.

I’m with you, let the car go first. A driver’s foot can slip off the brake pedal and then you are a speed bump.

The driver is extending a courtesy. More importantly he has acknowledged you presence. Given a line of cars I would rather step in front of a car who’s driver knows I’m there rather than one who might be looking elsewhere. If there are no cars behind I would rather wave him on or cross behind. Of course the choice is yours. We live in a culture that appears increasingly bereft of common courtesy. Rather than be annoyed you should consider a little extra hand waving a small price to acknowledge someone who is extending you a kindness.

In Minnesota, pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks, so by law we have to wait for you to walk across the street. In non-crosswalk situations, I have been advised by my insurance company to never wave someone across because you are then accepting liability if something happens (like an unseen car from the other direction). In Minnesota, at an uncontrolled cross walk, pedestrians are supposed to wait to cross until it is clear but then cars must stop for them. Also little known, in the metro area, buses have the right of way so when they pull out in front of you, no point getting upset.

Now speaking of 4 way stops, it drives me nuts when drivers wait until I stop before they go. Can’t the fools simply stop and proceed instead of waiting until everyone else gets to the stop sign and stops before they go?? It really can back up traffic. I understand they don’t want to get hit but I’m going to stop really. Ah, feel better now.

I believe that pedestrians have the right of way at an intersection in all states. When you don’t go, you are confusing the drivers and holding up traffic. However, I am not advocating that you attempt to take the right of way from a driver who is determined to violate your right of way.

If someone waves me to go, I run wildly across the street and make a big fool out of myself because I hate crossing the street when a car is there, even when it is stopped. If I don’t want to go, I turn in a different direction so I don’t look like l want to cross the street. Usually they think I am just waiting for a bus or something.

Now speaking of 4 way stops, it drives me nuts when drivers wait until I stop before they go. Can't the fools simply stop and proceed instead of waiting until everyone else gets to the stop sign and stops before they go?? It really can back up traffic. I understand they don't want to get hit but I'm going to stop really. Ah, feel better now.

In several parts of town here the stop sign is merely a suggestion; the only time some will stop is if they see another car coming up to the 4way stop intersection they’re about to roll through.

I don’t mind drivers directing me when I’m driving as long as I watch out for other vehicles. I was riding with an old guy who motioned for the other driver to turn in front of him. She did, and a car in the right lane ran into the rear of her van. Watch out for that second lane! I guess that if you are blocking the view of everybody, you shouldn’t direct traffic when you can’t see either.

Hi, I’m blocking your view and his view and I’m legally blind but I’m directing you. My friend had his wife read the second smallest line on the eye chart so he could memorize it and pass the eye check at DMV. Yes, we almost crashed on the way back on the most dangerous road in the area with the hundred foot drop. I never went on a second trip with him.

Pedestrians have a darn good view and it usually saves them. Good luck walking or driving.

Another car may enter the other lane and hit me, so I make sure that it is safe to move into the road. If someone acknowledges that I’m there and asks me to go first, I always do. In doing so, thank them for their courtesy in letting me go. I am also a trusting soul. I just can’t imagine that someone would tell me to go and then run me over.

I some towns in NH (Hampton and Concord especially), if you fail to stop for a pedestrian you stand a good chance of getting a ticket.

If someone waves you to cross, cross quickly to return the favor. Don’t stand around engaging in a waving contest to see who can be the most polite. Just go so people can be on their way.

If you’re worried the driver who waived you across might accidentally let her or his foot slip off the brake pedal, I suggest you spend your time worrying about other things, like when the sun will stop burning millions of years from now, or whether the universe is expanding or contracting. Seriously, stop being paranoid and just cross the street safely and quickly.

Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks and if you wave them through and touch the pavement with your foot they can get a ticket. I watch a sting operation were the officer, who wasn’t in the crosswalk yea, would wait for a driver turning, and before the driver could leave crosswalk would touch the pavement, thus giving the driver of the car a ticket for failure to give the right of way.

Sad but true.