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IH scout inline 6 valve adjustment

I have a 71 scout 800B with an inline 6 that I would like to do a valve adjustment on.
My main question is:
How do I find the proper spacing for my motor?
If there is a website or somewhere that I can find this info I would really appreciate it. I believe I have found the order and positions of the adjustment but wouldn’t mind getting that from a reputable source as well.
I am a novice who follows instructions well, I just need the instructions.
Thank you for any info.

If you can’t find that info by Googling, surf over to and type in your vehicle make/model/year and click on the literature link, they may offer a Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual which would probably have the valve clearance adjustment procedure.

I own an early 70’s Ford truck, and the complete Ford factory service manuals for it are available on CD for a small fee, the vendors are easily found using Google, so you might try that too. Some parts stores have pretty good online help for older engines too. AutoZone is one I’ve used in the past.

I looked it up on Chilton Library and it showed 0 for the valve lash which would seem to me to suggest hydraulic lifters.

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Motors also specifies ZERO lash indicating hydraulic lifters.