Intermittent starting problems

Hello there. My 1995 Mercury Villager sometimes does not start. When I turn the key into the “On” position, all of the lights and electrical components come on strong. When I turn the key into the “Start” position, the starter motor does not crank and instead I hear a light buzzing sound which stops when I release the key from the “Start” position back into the “On” position. Furthermore, this seems to happen more frequently after driving the car and stopping it somewhere (maybe when the car’s still warm?).

I’ve previously had a similar problem with a 1992 Honda Accord which was easily fixed by replacing the main relay, a $50 fix. Could that also be the problem here?

No, the Honda problem was a fuel system problem. The problem on the Villager is a cranking system problem. See the difference?
The voltage needs to be checked, from one end of the start circuitry to the other. You can start changing parts in that circuit, if you want. Eventually, you will find the worst part. Or, you can have someone check the start circuitry, with a voltmeter and the wiring diagram, and find the fault. Which will it be?

The problem might be with the starter inhibitor relay located on the relay block on the left side of the engine compartment. If this is the problem, look at the number of pins on the relay. If there are six, a relay for a Nissan Quest must be installed.


Thanks, Tester. I’ll go ahead and check that.

Concerning Honda starting problems, My 1990 Acura would not start when warm in the summer. After 3 years of this problem I found an excellent web site:

The problem is the fuel pump relay, also called the Main Relay. After many heat cycles the solder joints of the coil in the relay get fractured/cold. The best fix is to remove the solder on all joints of the relay circuit board and resolder everything. Reflowing the joints will also work, but may not last as long.