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Intermittent starting problem

i have had the following problem with my 1995 honda accord (stick shift) for over a year and it’s getting worse. i get in the car, i put in the key, sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn’t. when it doesn’t i take out the key, put it back in, sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn’t. this can go on as many as 2-8 times before it starts. it has always started, but now this is happening more often. when it doesn’t start, there is no sound when i turn the key; the warning lights come on. there is not pattern in terms of time of day, whether it’s been driven immediately before or not.


The problem can be due to a faulty ignition switch contact, safety switch for the clutch, intermittent starter solenoid, or faulty wire connection to any of this things. It is a pretty easy thing for a shop to fix if they can get the problem to happen while they have it in the shop.