Intermittent Problem Draining Battery on Acura Legend GS

I have a '95 Acura Legend GS with only 48,000 miles on it. I recently had a tune-up done on it and a new battery put in it. I didn’t drive it for a week and the battery was completely dead. It had a three-year warranty on it so they told me to bring it in, but when they checked the battery, it was fine, so then they put a scope on it hoping to find what was draining it, but nothing showed up. They said it must be an intermittent problem, i.e., starter motor, alternator, etc. The owner didn’t make me feel very good when he said his girlfriend’s car had the same problem so he drove it until he figured it out. It turned out to be the alternator. I don’t feel very safe as I am alone and driving a car that could break down any time. I’d appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks for your help.

Normal current draw is between 25 and 40 milliamps when systems have gone to sleep. You could purchase a digital meter that can measure up to 10 amps without a current probe. To do the testing you set the meter to measure current. Then install the meter in series with the negative battery connection. You will then see how much current is flowing and will have wait for things to go to sleep again. And make sure everything is off. If you find excessive current flow then you need to pull fuses one at a time in order to find the circuit with the excessive current flow.

Thanks, I just passed it on to a friend who’s trying to help me. I’ll let you know if it works.