Electrical Problem

I have had to replace the battery four times in the last year. If someone doesn’t drive the car at least twice a week, I have to jump start it. Most recently, the shop tested the alternator and said it was OK. They suggested that I may have an electrical problem, but I hesitate to spend a lot of money on this 1996 car to find it. Any ideas.

Attach a battery tender to it. This will keep a trickle charge to the battery when it sits idle.

If you don’t want to spend money on the problem put in a quick disconnect battery switch.There at least 2 kinds, one has a knob you turn, others have a lever. You can get them at auto parts stores,or harbor freight.You will have to open the hood to connect or disconnect.

You probably have a parasitic drain. Where the drain is coming from is the important question. These are typically hard to find and isolate. That’s why it tends to cost a lot to find it. Since the car sits a lot, you could always disconnect the battery until you need the car. There are quick-disconnect battery terminals for this purpose. They don’t cost very much, but allow the battery to be disconnected to prevent the drain from killing the battery when it sits.

I second the parasitic drain diagnosis.

I recently fixed my neighbor’s BMW with the same problem.
I put an ammeter in series with the battery.
Measured a current pulse when the car was off: every 10 seconds a 7 amp pulse lasting ~0.5 seconds.
Pulled fuses one by one until the pulsing stopped.
Turns out the electric adjustable seat was the culprit.
Since she rarely moves the seat she just leaves the fuse out for now.

Here is a link you can refer to and help you find the drain.


Thank you all very much for the good information.