Intermittent non-start

I have a '97 Infinite J30. Two weeks ago the temp was in the 40s and the first time I tried to start it the dash board lights went on but no sound from the starter or battery. I waited 30 sec and turned the key and the car started immediately without problems for the next several days. Two days later it wouldn’t start again. I left it with my wife; at Noon with the temp at 50+ she tried to start the car without luck. 30 minutes later the AAA came and the car started immediately. I went and got a new battery and for the next 4 days, no problem. The next morning it wouldn’t start again; after 4 days of no starting I again called AAA and they had no luck. The car was towed to a Nissan dealer. The next morning I’m told the new battery is dead and being charged. After that they looked it over for 48 hours and it started every time. I’m concerned that something is loose or the starter is bad and this will happen again. Help.


Try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.

Thanks but that was done when I purchased a new battery two weeks ago.


If the new battery is going dead that means there is a voltage draw in the car’s electrical system. That begs the question; why did these guys not advise you of this and/or check this rather than charging the battery and giving it back to you?

If the battery is staying up but there is no click sound when the key is turned to the START position then there are several possibilities. In order:
A faulty neutral safety switch if the car has an auto transmission. Shift into neutral and see if it starts then.
A faulty clutch safety switch if the car has a manual transmission.
Faulty ignition switch (electrical part).
Security system fault if the car is equipped with this feature.

Hope some of that helps anyway.

I know this won’t help with the battery drain but it sounds like a problem my wife’s car was having. I changed the spark plugs and it fixed the problem. OK gave some good advice about the battery drain. Hope this helps