Intermittent no start - wait a day!

2002 Ford Ranger Edge, V6 Manual. Every couple of months, go out to start it in the morning, Will not start. Had neutral cutoff switch replaced. Battery good, all dash lights good - turn key to crank - nothing. Wait a day - it starts! Happened 4 times so far - this last time, waited a day - still no start.

Here are two wiring diagrams for the starter circuit at
Go to the site and register your Ranger, come back here and clink on the link.
The wiring diagrams shows that a fuse is made “hot” when the ignition key is turned to START. Power goes through the Digital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor (your neutral safety switch?), through the starter relay in the battery junction box, to the engine computer (PCM) for a ground path.
Since the problem is intermittent, replace the starter relay. If still a problem, replace the ignition switch.