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Intermittent heater blower motor

2000 Ford Explorer. Blower motor is working intermittently. The fuse is fine. So I worked on taking it out by loosening some screws. I stopped due to time as I had to remover a couple of other things to creat enough room to pull it out. So I put it back together.

Went to start the car and the heater was blowing just fine. So I figured I jiggled the right wire or something. It sat overnight and in the morning was back to not blowing again. Any suggestions? Thanks.

The next time the blower motor stops working, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the blower motor.

If the blower motor works, replace the blower motor.



Also you could try swapping the blower relay.

Maybe that’s what I meant by checking the fuse. I swapped it with the starter relay and it didn’t make a difference and the car still started.

This worked. I started the car, turned on the fan to about halfway and it wasn’t blowing. I hit it and it came on. So I’ll go get a new one. Thanks!