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Intermittent car starting problem

I have 2005 Subaru Outback. Months back, I noted that about 1/4-1/2 the time it wont start when key is turned. The dashboard lights up but no cranking. I jiggle the (automatic) shift lever, steering wheel etc and ultimately it will start perfectly noramlly. Brought it in and they replaced the neutral safety switch, but no improvement. More recently, the check engine light has come on several times, along with a flashing cruise control light. The first time this happened, had it checked w computer at local garage and problem was low voltage to (I believe) the neutral safety switch. They replaced the “electric piece for ignition” in the steering column. Again, no improvement, car wont start sometimes and check engine light has come on/off twice during a weekend of driving several 100 miles. I think there must be a loose electrical connection somewhere leading to the neutral safety switch, but am not sure and have minimal experience with this. Have already lost $800 and want to guide the mechanic to be able to find the real problem. He says he needs to get the “specialist” to come in with his “$20,000” computer to diagnose the problem (at 175/hr). Any advice will be much appreciated!

How about getting the actuarial error code. It will be in the format (P1234) where 1234 could be any four numbers 0-9

I dont know the error code, they didnt tell me and i didnt know to ask.