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Intermitten "service engine" light on 2002 BMW 325i

Which kinda says it all. Recently serviced … about 85,000 miles … fluids appear fine … the “service engine” light comes on, then goes off … any thoughts?

Get the history read.

Many auto=parts stores will read the codes for free. As long as it’s off during your emissions test, it’s not a big issue. Never allow a computer glitch to grant a mechanic a free pass to your wallet…

Should you decide to get the problem repaired, make sure the shop will guarantee their work will solve the problem. Fishing expeditions can get expensive…

I can think of 3 common problems that turn the light on but I am not a big fan of working off a “common problem” list,but it does have its place.

Take notes on any problem you have with the way the car starts, or runs, or stops. Take those notes with you to your favorite repair shop.

On your car, the light that says “Service Engine Soon” indicates a non-fatal glitch in the emission control system. If your car model does not have a separate warning light for a loose/leaking gas cap, that is the most common cause of a Service Engine Soon light.

If the Service Engine Soon light ever starts flashing repeatedly, that indicates an engine misfire which should get immediate attention or it can cook your catalytic converter.