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Intermitten Rough Engine Problem in 96 Cmary

I have a 96 Camry, 100000 miles, automatic transmission. Very occasionally (every few months), the engine will start to run roughly and if I come to a stop may stall. Once or twice this has caused the engine check light to come on (Codes P300, 301) The situation will resolve itself in a couple of minutes or if the car is turned off and restarted. Interestingly almost every time this happens, I have been in the same location.

A second symptom is that occasionally the transmission will act like an inexperienced person is driving (i.e. the engine revs slightly before shifting). Again this problem will resolve itself in a minute or if the car is restarted.

My sister has had the same problem with her 2002 Camry. Her dealer has resolved it by “clearing” (rebooting?) the computer chip that controls the transmission. She has had this done twice in the life of her Camry.

Does this seem reasonable? Is there a more permanent solution to this problem?

That is a misfire in cylinder #2 (I believe that was really P0300)

When was the last time your Camry had the plugs replaced? How about the wires?


  • Have you had the transmission fluid replaced & filter cleaned?
  • Fuel filter replaced?
  • New spark plug wires?

Yes, I have done all of those things. I have taken this to my very reliable mechanic several times. He has done all the obvious things. This is very difficult to diagnosis since neither of us can reproduce it at will. This really acts like some kind of electrical problem. It acts likes what ever is metering out the gas can’t make up its mind.

It is now beginning to happen more often. For years it happened only at a specific intersection (which I avoided when possible).