Intermitten engine vibration when idling

This engine vibration seems to be very intermittent and happens on when idling when car is stopped. When vibrating, if I open the hood, I can see the front silver colored chamber of the engine shaking. I wouldn’t say shaking is violent, but it’s kind of shaking that gives you a feeling that the car might shake itself to a engine stop. When I the car is driven and is moving, no shaking. Any thoughts?

My engine looks identical to, and the shaking can be seen on that front silver chamber between the alternator and engine air filter housing.

That silver thing is the heat shield for the exhaust manifold.

First off, how many miles on this car and what year?
Next, is the yellow check engine light on when the car is running?
When you feel the vibration, is your AC on or off?

It has almost 110,000 miles and year 2006 so mileage isn’t that high for a car of that age. When engine vibrates, no check engine light, and AC is off. From my recollection, I don’t think I noticed vibrations during summer when AC is on. Vibration seems to be occasional it didn’t get much attention because for a long while , there was no vibration… I think, it may be one of those things unless they can duplicate at a repair shop, they can’t diagnose it… If something is loose on the heat shield, I would guess it will vibrate all the time which is not the case. I had the engine coolant changed with Pink color Toyota OEM long life coolant about a year ago in case that is causing occasional overheating…

Before you are sure the AC is off, be sure your defroster is off. Also, if you have climate control where you set a temperature and the system adjust automatically, your AC might be on.

So most of the time even when idling there’s no vibration. Except once in a while there is, but still only when idling Does the vibration change idling in gear vs in neutral (assuming you have an automatic)?

Some common causes of engine vibration at idle

  • misfires , make sure ignition system is in good repair and all ignition related service up to date
  • egr sticking open, ask your shop to check your egr valve operation
  • idle rpm too low due to faulty idle speed control or dirty throttle body
  • vacuum leak

If you are overheating is not because of the coolant which needs to have the level checked.

Coolant level is between max and min in the reservoir. Car has a manual transmission so when it’s idling, the gear is in neutral. Thanks for all the opinions so far. Speaking of ignition system, the spark plugs are still OEM factory after about 12 years. Is there any remote possibility that spark plug wearing out can cause occasional engine vibration when idling? If that is the case, it will be a DIY easy fix.

Basic maintenance of the ignition system would include new plugs at specified intervals. As others here often say when diagnosing a problem, is the car up to date on its basic maintenance? This could be easy and rewarding DIY work! Be sure to use the exact plugs recommended by Toyota - probably what’s in there, although Toyota may have an updated recommendation.

Yes. At 110,000 miles the 12 year old plugs are quite possibly contributing to the problem.

I can’t speak how difficult a diy’er job it is on your Camry. On my Corolla it is very easy, all done standing up, easy visibility, takes about 15 minutes.