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Intermittantly, it seems like my engine isn't geting any fuel

When I drive my Honda Odyssey around for a good bit and then stop, and then wait, say, 30-35 minutes, it doesn’t want to start. I definitely sounds like it’s not getting fuel. But if the car sits for more than 2 hours, it starts right up. I’ve had my car for 10 years, and it’s always started right up. This just started happening last week. (Right after I put some low-budget/suyspect gas in the car. Could it be the gas?)

It isn’t the gas. More than likely it’s an ignition component becoming heat sensitive as it ages. Has your Check Engine Light illuminated?

No, my check engine light doesn’t go on :frowning:

You can’t really “hear” the lack of fuel. You crank it over and apparently it just cranks and cranks without ever firing?

Overheated ignition components are a good possibility, as mentioned.

Another is a leaking fuel pressure regulator or fuel injector that floods the engine (the opposite of not enough fuel). Next time it happens floor the accelerator when you turn the key (that is a flood clearing procedure). If that gets it going then look to one of those things flooding the engine.

If not, then you do what to check for spark. A spark tester that you can buy at an auto parts store will make this fairly easy if you have an assistant handy.

Yeah, it just cranks and cranks and doesn’t turn over. But if you let it wait two or more hours, it starts right up