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Intermittant Car Starting issue

I’m needing some guidance. My 2015 subaru crosstrek is having intermittent start up issues. The codes I was getting are P0890 and either P0727 or P2747. I know these codes are important. I’m sorry I cleared it out on accident when I started the car up. I had the starter and the alternator checked as well as the battery. These items passed the tests when they were done at O’Reilly auto shop. Now when I try to start it only a few lights turn on. Then it’ll go completely black. I turn the ignition off and the lights will come on again and then turn off. I then make sure the headlight switch is fully turned off and there is nothing plugged into the charger. 15 minutes later the car starts without any trouble. Thank you in advance for the help.

Those codes are related to traction control and transmission, nothing to do with starting.

I doubt the guys at O’Reilly load tested the starter, they probably did a simple bench test, hooked it up to a battery and it spun, and called it good.

Your symptoms sound to me like a bad battery cable connection, or a failing starter.

It was physically still in the car. How do I properly test a starter? I have a multimeter and can figure out how to check it. I can try to figure out how to pull it out of the car and test it.

Was the engine warmed up? doesn’t take much to start a warm engine.

They may have properly tested it then, but your engine was warm and easy to start then.

Yes the car had just been on less than 5 minutes prior

Is this a fails to crank? Or is cranks ok, but doesn’t catch and run?

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