Intermitent exhaust odor in the cabin of my 2006 Nissan Murano when the heat in on

The dealer has tested every system for leaks and can’t find any. They have changed the filters. They have contacted Nissan to see if there were other complaints of this nature and there weren’t. They did a smoke test to detect any leaks that weren’t visible to the naked eye and found nothing. This problem has not occurred at the dealership only when I’m driving but my husband, daughter, son-in-law and car pool buddy have all been in the car when the smell was evident. It’s very strong and smells like you’re in a gas station with the windows open. HELP!!!

If it smells like you’re in a gas station with the windows open then it maybe sounds like you’re smelling fuel rather than exhaust. The first thing to ascertain is whether you’re smelling exhaust or fuel. Those are two different kinds of searches.

Either way, its dangerous. Perhaps its time to give a different shop a crack at it since the dealer you’ve been using keeps failing. Have they actually smelled this? I’d imagine that the car is no longer under warranty so there is no need to take it to a dealer. They have no special magic & in many different ways tend to give worse service for more cost than many good independent auto shops.

Cigroller has got it…I bet you are smelling fuel…if a smoke test did not indicate a cabin breech…then leaking fuel would create vapors that would IMMEDIATELY be pulled into the outside vent which is located at the base of your windshield…and then right up your nostrils… NOT a good thing to be occurring…MUST check it out ASAP Please. Don’t be afraid to grab a flashlight, open the hood and have a looksie…The dealership mechanic may have focused so closely on exhaust fumes he couldn’t see the forest for the trees.