Interior room and good gas mileage

I’m 6’3 and 250# what kind of car can I find with good room inside and reasonably good gas mileage?

A Ford “Panther” platform car (Vic, Marq, Linc TC) or any full-size P/U. I suspect there are a few 4cyl cars out there that offer comfort for someone your size…

Yup, a friend of mine who is about your size drives a mercury (crown vic clone, whatever it’s called) and seem to have enough room. I don’t know about the mileage.

Midsize SUV, also. I have a 6 foot 11 inch friend who swears that a Dodge dakota extended cab is only thing that fits…and that’s tall and wide… Scion tb, what ever the new box is…has Camry engine and limo dimensions. New Ford taurus is very roomy inside; plenty big enough for my fat a… Check out American mids with 4;s New Chevy Malibu is suppose to be very comfy for wide bodies.

PS have a son 6’6" and 255 lbs…he’s fine in an Accord.

VW New Beetle. Really. Test drive one and see if it works for you. There was a commentator on NPR (Daniel Pinkwater) who said he was about your size and that’s what he drove.

The Honda Element has a vast amount of headroom. Can’t tell you about leg room, seat comfort, or fuel mileage.

My friends who match your size are very happy with their VW New Beetles. Big door openings, ease of ingress-egress, lots of interior room (at least in the front seat), etc. Check out a VW New Beetle. It may suit you.

my vote is for the Panther platform car. roomy inside, large trunk, reliable, and should tick off 25 mpg or better on the road; loaded and with the ac going.

Check out the Ford Taurus (was the Ford 500) - the trunk is actually larger than the Crown Vic and my wife gets about 29-30 mpg on the highway and around 20 in the city. It is built a little higher, and you can get it with brake & gas pedals that adjust in height (if you have a shorter significant other who will also drive the car, this is a great feature). It’s not that expensive, can come with AWD, satellite radio, and a factory authorized remote starter. It has a very good crash test rating. See how you fit in it.

I rode in some Mercury Marquis(es). They seem like great cars.

I’m 6’3…225…my wifes Accord was fine…her new Lexus should be fine for anyone up to 350…it’s a LOT bigger interior then her 96 Accord.

I think the problem with saying your xxxx height is that all people are different. Some people are all torso(requiring headroom but less leg) or all legs and less torso. And then body fat comes into play and where it ends up on a person.

That being said its really hard to recommend any car.

The cars mentioned above are a good starting place for test drives.

If I wanted really good room inside and also great gas mileage, I would buy a German car such as the VW Rabbit, Golf or New Beetle. Germans have a generous girth, and like roomy seats.

A large US car has lousy gas mileage by comparison, as does any pickup truck.

Try a Saab 9-5, either sedan or wagon. Big cabin, good mileage, superior safety, reliable, and fun to drive.