Interior light buzzing

The interior light fixture for the back seat buzzes intermitently. It only happens when the radio is on. Is this something that can be repaired easily?

You must determine what the buzz is.
Since it happens with the radio, it might be a vibration buzz.

Sit back there yourself.
do what’s needed to create the buzz.
what kind of buzz is it ?

If it’s an electrical arc, that’s bad . Check wires, plugs and bulb contacts.

If it’s a vibration, start touching things to see whats vibrating.
The lense ?
The bulb ?
The lamp body ?
Some tape stategically placed should stop the vibrating.
For example, a loose lense could be quieted with some cloth medical tape place on the lamp body first, then the lense installed on top of that.

What, you have no cloth medical tape ?
Yes you do… just trim a band aid with some scissors.