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2012 Camry interior lights malfunctioning

I have a 2012 Camry SE and Interior Lights have a very dim flicker at best. So dim that I can’t see or read anything inside the car at nightime. The dash lights and the navigation display is fine.
The vanity lights are fine. Front map lights and rear dome lights and courtesy lights on the doors only emit a dim flicker. This occurs with door open and with door closed while manually turning them on. Also occurs with car on and off. I don’t think it’s a fuse because then I wouldn’t even get a dim light, I’d get nothing. Not door position switch issue because lights come on when they’re supposed to, just very, very poorly. Don’t think it’s a ground wire unless every light uses the same ground… again, ALL interior lights malfunction. Can’t be bulbs, they wouldn’t all go out at the same time, would they? Could it be battery or alternator issue? I don’t get any indicator that battery is low but I plan to test it, alternator, and regulator tomorrow. I think with this model, the regulator is in the alternator. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!..just a follow-up…the battery was 12.5 with car off and 13.5 with car on. After turning off again, 12.3. No spikes when I gave it gas.

Fuses can be tricky and a slightly cracked fuse could cause this condition. Also, they could very well and often times do share the same ground. A wiring diagram can tell you this.


Pull one of the courtesy light bulbs and measure the voltage at the socket.